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Your Boyfriend Stopped Loving You! Tips to Make Him Crazy About You Again

There are few things in life more devastating than when your relationship begins to fall apart. If you are crazy about your boyfriend and you start to feel him slipping away it can send you into full panic mode. You find yourself scrambling to try and change things. You wish that you could go back in time to when you knew he was devoted to you and the future for the two of you felt endless. Now you feel that your future happiness is slowly slipping away and there’s little you can do to stop it. You don’t have to give in to the idea that he’s left your life for good. Just as quickly as a man can fall out of love, he can fall back in love. Understanding how to draw him back in will ensure you get the future with the man of your dreams that you want.

If your boyfriend stopped loving you, talk to him about what happened. You can’t change the relationship if you’re unable to identify what changed for him, as your partner. You must present yourself in an emotionally stable state when you talk to him. If you approach him from a place of overwrought emotion and you’re crying and visibly upset, he won’t share anything with you. Talk to him about what’s happened and what might have changed things. Be prepared to hear some uncomplimentary things about yourself. Men tend to be brutally honest in the days and weeks following a break up.

You must also work on establishing a new connection between the two of you. Trying to lure him back into being your boyfriend right now just won’t work. He won’t feel close to you in that way for some time again and you need some space between the two of you for him to fully appreciate the gift you are. That’s why it can prove so beneficial to take on the role of his friend. Work on becoming close friends with your ex boyfriend. This is certainly a challenge if you’re desperately in love with the man. But remember that right now your focus must be on ensuring you don’t lose your grasp on him completely. By just being friends you’ll have the means to be close to him and involved in his life without making him feel pressured into anything he’s not ready for.

Leaving the past in the past is essential if you want to move forward towards a happy future with your ex. By showing him that you can be a supportive and non-judgemental friend, you’ll be reminding him of your best and most desirable qualities. In time, he’ll begin to feel a blossoming closeness to you again and the love he once felt so strongly for you will fill his heart again.

Confused about how to win him back? Saying or doing one wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

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