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My Husband Never Says “I Love You” to Me – Change This Starting Now

My husband never says “I love you” to me is a complaint that is made frequently. Once a marriage has settled into a predictable routine, some men just start to neglect their wives. They no longer put in the effort to make her feel special and they certainly don’t go out of their way to ensure she knows how deeply she’s cared for. For many men, the wedding symbolized the depth of their commitment to their wife. They don’t understand that women need to continue to hear those three special words. If your husband seems to have forgotten them as of late, you can get him back into a romantic frame of mind and it’s much easier than you think.

Your own attitude towards your husband may be playing a bigger role in how he treats you than you realize. Quite often in a marriage the wife sets the tone of the emotional connection. We sometimes get overwhelmed with all that life throws at us and this can result in you taking your husband for granted or even resenting him. Over time that can manifest itself in you pulling back from him. You may not even realize that you’re doing this until you sense him pulling back as well.

Changing how you interact with your husband can dramatically impact the way he treats you, including how often he tells you he loves you. Men are driven by their need to please their wives and provide for their families. If he’s working many hours or doing odd jobs around the house, to him that equates to telling you that he loves you. He does those things to ensure that your life is comfortable and rewarding.

You need to be more vocal with your appreciation and adoration of him. Tell him each day how much you appreciate everything he does for you and the partner that he is. Just as he does things to make your life easier, do the same for him. Plan some evenings out for the two of you and pick places and activities that you know are on his list of favourites. If he feels deeply valued as a man to you, he’ll open up more. Keep telling him you love him every chance you get and you’ll start to notice him saying it to you more too.

When it comes to getting your husband to express his feelings more remember that it’s much better to show him than to tell him. Pushing him to say he loves you isn’t the best approach. Making sure he knows how much you love him is.

Every married woman has the power to make her husband love her more.

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