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How to Keep a Man Interested in You! Tips for You

The question of how to keep a man interested in you is one most of us have asked ourselves at some point. Let’s face it ladies, finding a man is only one part of the equation. Once you’ve passed the point of getting him to fall in love with you, it’s time to start focusing on how to keep him wanting you long term. Relationships change over time and even though he may be chasing after you today like a lovesick puppy that can certainly change tomorrow, next week or next month.

One area that most of us worry over incessantly is other women. The world is full of attractive, vibrant and very desirable women. Your guy probably comes into contact with at least a few of these women on a daily basis. We all know that romance can strike almost anywhere including the workplace. So how do you ensure that your guy stays interested in you and doesn’t allow the allure of some other beautiful woman pull his attention away?

The key is to show him that there isn’t another woman on the face of the earth that can understand him to the extent that you do. That sounds like something of a monumental task, doesn’t it? It’s actually not at all. There are certain things that any woman can do, in her current relationship that will create an invisible bond between her and the man she loves.

Here are just a few examples of things you can do to pull him closer to you and keep him interested forever:

Become his number one supporter. Most of us have learned by the time we’re entering our twenties that there isn’t a perfect man in existence. All men come with a list of positives and negatives. It’s very easy to get caught up in pointing out a man’s negative attributes. Once you start heading down that slippery slope you know that a break up is probably somewhere on the not-too-distant horizon. Learning how to keep a man interested has a lot to do with overlooking all those negatives and focusing squarely on the positives. Tell him constantly how much you love the special things about him. Point out his best qualities and tell him there isn’t another man on the face of the earth who compares to him. Men need to hear this. It helps them feel better about who they are and if it’s coming from the woman they love, that’s even better.

Be spontaneous and keep him guessing. The man in your life wants you to be exciting, spontaneous and mysterious. He doesn’t want to view you as someone who is predictable or boring. Even though it’s very easy to fall into a routine of staying home and cuddling on the couch, avoid that at all costs. Plan evenings that he won’t be anticipating. Arrange to do things he’s never done before whether that’s rock climbing or going to the ballet. You just want to ensure that he never knows which direction you’ll head next. This is truly one of the very best ways to keep a man interested in you long term.

Stay honest and true to him. There is no faster way to lose a man’s interest than to be dishonest with him. Men don’t want to invest themselves emotionally in a woman who isn’t be completely genuine with him. Don’t lie to your guy. It’s just as important to stay true and devoted to him. A man’s ego takes a major hit if he suspects that his woman is interested in someone else. Even if it’s just harmless flirting with one of his friends – it will hurt him. Don’t cross that line ever. If you truly are focused on keeping him interested in you –honesty and devotion have to be your number one priorities.

You can keep his interest for as long as you want once you understand how to appeal to his heart.

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