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Signs He’s Lost Interest in You

Something has changed in your relationship. Your female instinct is telling you so. Your guy seems distant or emotionally removed. You’ve asked him about it but he shrugs it off telling you that you’re imagining things. You question it on a daily basis though but you’re unsure whether there’s something to the shift in his demeanor or if it’s just a natural change in the relationship.  There are some warning signs he’s lost interest in you that you should be aware of. If you do spot these in your guy’s behavior, a break up is probably just around the corner.

Here are 5 signs he’s lost interest in you:

He doesn’t listen to you anymore. It’s not hard to tell when a man doesn’t hear you. When a guy is in love he hangs on every word his woman is saying. He’s just so captivated by her voice. If that changes and he doesn’t listen when you talk, that’s a huge problem. The very fact that he’s ignoring you suggests that he doesn’t believe that what you have to say is important.

His schedule is suddenly very full. When a man begins to lose interest, it’s generally on an emotional level at first. It quickly shifts over to a physical place too. If he has an endless list of excuses for why he can’t see you, don’t let that pass you by. His schedule likely isn’t any busier than it used to be. He’s just not into seeing you anymore and is trying to be polite about it.

He finds things about you he doesn’t like. Nothing hurts quite as much as being criticized by the man you adore. Men in love see their women as virtually perfect. All those small traits you have that he once found alluring he’ll find annoying if he’s fallen out of love with you. If your boyfriend says things about you that are hurtful and he doesn’t seem to care how it affects you, a break up is on its way.

He makes his own plans and doesn’t consult you. You can always tell if a man has lost interest if he’s making his own plans for the evening and you’re not part of them. If you call him to see what he wants to do and he says he already made a plan, that’s a sign that he’s detached himself from you.

He doesn’t tell you he loves you anymore. This is so obvious but many women don’t realize it. If you are always telling him that you love him and he only responds by saying, “me too,” that’s a sign that he probably doesn’t. A man in love will often say it first and say it fully as in “I love you.”

If you spot any of these in your own relationship, brace yourself. He’s fallen out of love and has definitely lost interest in you. You need to quickly go into damage control mode if you want to save the relationship.

If he’s lost interest, you have one chance to get him back. You may not realize that one wrong move on a woman’s part can kill a man’s interest in its tracks.

There is a guaranteed way to get his interest back and keep it.  You can make him feel close to you again if you understand exactly what you need to do to make it happen.

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