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How Can I Win My Man Back? Advice If You Still Love Your Ex


The first thing you’re bound to ask yourself after a break up with your boyfriend is how can I win my man back. Each and every woman who has been in this situation knows that you are open to resorting to just about anything to get back with the man you adore. Most women are not above calling their ex late at night while crying asking for another chance. You may also have asked mutual friends to plead your case for you. Actions like this are more likely to create even more distance between the two of you. If you truly want him back you’ve got to first and foremost learn how to control all those out of control emotions.

Like many women, after a break up with a boyfriend, I thought that to win my man back I needed to share everything that I was feeling. My approach to achieve this was to write a very long and detailed email explaining my thoughts and what I believed had gone wrong in the relationship. I waited for a response that I believed would include him begging me to come back. All I got was a short email days later that essentially thanked me. That was it. If I had placed my emotions aside even for just a moment I would have realized that I’d get better results by not contacting him at all. He expected me to react the way I did. If I had instead made myself scarce for the first few weeks after the break up, it would have given him time to think. He needed this time to realize we were right for each other and part of that was missing me. If you want your ex back, don’t contact him right after the break up and more importantly don’t share what you are feeling with him.

Another thing I quickly realized when I was trying to win my man back was that I had to take responsibility for what I did to contribute to the split. Even though he was the one who ultimately suggested we break up, I had done things that had resulted in his shifting his feelings for me. Working on improving those things was an essential part to getting him back. Unless I changed there was absolutely no reason for him to even consider getting back together with me. Obviously if things are the same, the result will be the same and another break up will occur. I set my mind to working on making myself a better person. It impressed him and showed him that I was mature and that a future with me would be different. This is what you want your boyfriend to feel as well, so make a list of things about yourself that you’d like changed and then get to work changing them.

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