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Does He Want Me Back?

Does he want me back? It’s a question you’re on the hunt for an answer to. You can’t do it. Regardless of how hard you try, getting over your ex boyfriend just isn’t going to happen. How can it? You love the man and moving on with the idea of meeting and falling in love with someone new is fruitless. That man wouldn’t hold a candle to your ex. The problem you’re facing now is you aren’t sure where your ex’s feelings are. You see some clues that you believe indicate he still loves you but you can’t be sure. You worry that you’re reading way more into his actions that he intends. Short of asking him if he still wants you, is there any other way to find out? There are actually a lot of clues in his behavior towards you.

The whole key to determining whether your man wants you back can be found in how close he wants to be to you now. Most men are feeling just as vulnerable as women do after a break up. They’re wary of putting their heart on the line again so soon so they keep things close to the vest. Although he may not come right out and say he wishes you’d give him a second chance, his actions will say it for him. Any man who still calls an ex girlfriend has feelings for her. If he didn’t care about you, you’d never hear from him again. The fact that he wants to see how you are or calls to make small talk shows that his heart is having trouble letting you go.

Has he started dating again? The answer to this question will tell you a great deal about where his feelings are. If he was completely over you, he’d have found someone new to spend time with. Any man who goes weeks or months after a break up and still hasn’t dipped his toe back into the dating pool can’t let go of his ex. Just think back to when you broke up in the past with a man you didn’t really care about. You likely found someone new in record time, right? Your boyfriend would have done the same if he wasn’t holding out hope that you two would get back together again.

Also, pay close attention to how much he brings up your past together. If a man is stuck in the past, it’s incredibly telling. He longs to have those feeling and closeness back. You should also take note if he talks about how much he deeply regrets certain things. After a break up, if a man wishes he was back with his girlfriend, he’ll want to erase the past. This is a great clue to help you gain insight into whether or not he truly wants you back.

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