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Can I Get Him Back By Being His Friend? Ex Boyfriend Advice You Need to Read

You feel a bit desperate, don’t you? It’s understandable if you’ve recently gone through a break up with the only man you’ve ever loved. For many women in your position they claim to feel a bit like they’re sitting on the outside watching their life take place without their control. If you didn’t want the break up, it can feel like your future has been stolen right out from under you when you weren’t looking. It’s a horrible feeling to wake up each day not knowing whether or not you’re going to be able to reclaim your lost love. There are obviously many different ideas about what’s right when it comes to getting him back. One idea centers on establishing a new type of relationship with him. It’s no wonder so many women ask the question, “Can I get him back by being his friend,” since the answer is a very loud and resounding, “yes!”

Trying to regain your emotional balance after a broken relationship is very hard. There are moments when you feel like crying for hours on end and other times when anger overwhelms you. Life obviously isn’t fair and even if you wanted the relationship more than anything, you have to accept that your boyfriend didn’t share those same sentiments anymore. He wasn’t finding what he needed in his relationship with you any longer. Ignoring that fact isn’t going to make it magically disappear. You have to address what was wrong with the relationship and you have to keep all of that to yourself as you start on your new path to be his friend.

Your ex boyfriend might initially be wary of the idea of the two of you being friends. After all, even if he broke off the relationship, he still has been struggling with his feelings. It’s always that way when something important in our lives comes to an end. If you approach him with the idea of being friends and he pulls away, give it a bit more time. Allow him some space so he can heal emotionally from the break up. Once a few weeks have passed ask again how he would feel about being friends with you. Make certain that you’re clear with him that you’re not looking for anything beyond a strictly platonic friendship with him. If he feels that you’re not putting pressure on him, he’ll be much more willing to be open to the idea of you two just being friends.

It’s incredibly hard to not involve your deeper emotions when you’re being a friend to an ex. There will be moments when you’ll want to tell him that you really miss being his girlfriend. You may also feel inclined to reach for his hand during a tender moment between you two, but you have to resist those feelings. If you show him, in any way, that you want more than friendship, he’ll bolt and any chance you may have had with him will disappear.

As your friendship blossoms and becomes more secure, nature will help you in your quest to get the man back. He’ll come to see the best parts of you again and he’ll realize that you still very much are the same woman he loved so much in the past. All you have to do throughout this process is be the very best friend you possibly can be to him.

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