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Your Boyfriend Wants His Freedom! Get Him Emotionally Invested in You Again

One of the worst feelings for any woman is the knowledge that the man you adore just doesn’t feel quite the same way about you. We tend to take our boyfriends for granted after we’ve been in a relationship with them for a time. We just assume that they’ll always love us as much as they say they do. Unfortunately, if a relationship isn’t nurtured and the connection isn’t cared for, things can start to change radically. That’s what is happening when your boyfriend wants his freedom.  He’s essentially telling you that he’s no longer finding what he wants in his relationship with you so it’s time for him to move on to greener pastures and new women. Granted it’s devastating to hear this from your boyfriend but you should be viewing it as a call to action. You can use this time to transform the relationship and get him feeling closer to you than he’s ever felt in the past.

If your boyfriend wants his freedom, don’t panic. That’s obviously much more challenging than it sounds. You’re going to assume he wants his freedom because he’s met someone new. Most men actually are looking for more freedom because they want time away from their girlfriend to assess the relationship and where it’s headed. If you two haven’t been in the happiest of places and you’re not as emotionally connected as you once were, his pulling back is just a sign that he may not be certain you’re the woman for him any longer. It’s essential that you handle this correctly if you hope to keep him.

Don’t argue the point of his wanting his freedom right now. Trying to hold onto someone who wants to get away from you will only make you look pathetic and desperate. If you whine or go on about how you can’t possibly live without him, he’s going to label you as an emotionally immature partner and he’ll feel even more justified in his decision to take some time apart. You must do the opposite of what he’s expecting you to do and in this case that’s accepting his decision. If you can show him that you’re okay with his need for freedom, it’s going to jolt him emotionally. Suddenly, he has to face the fact that you’re not tripping over yourself trying to keep him. That will be a hurtful shot directly to his ego.

Let him go for now. Distance is one of the most powerful tools a woman can use when she’s trying to keep her relationship together. Your boyfriend believes internally that by creating some distance, he’ll feel more balanced and stronger. However, he’ll soon discover that feelings of missing you supersede everything else and he’ll be longing to have you back.

Stay strong and focused when you are dealing with this situation. By taking the high emotional road of being calm and in control, you’ll be showing your boyfriend that you can indeed live with or without him. If he senses that you’re not falling apart at the mere thought of losing him, he’ll realize that you may be the one slipping away from him. That can completely change how he views you and the relationship forever.

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