How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

How do I get him to love me again? Is this a question you’ve been asking yourself since you and your boyfriend broke up? We don’t always understand the depth of our love for our guy until the relationship is over and he has left our life for good. Our natural inclination when we’re stuck in a situation like this is to let our emotions overwhelm us. It’s understandable that it happens. We end up doing things like calling him after a few too many cocktails to try and get him back, or sending him endless text messages that run the gamut from begging him to give us another chance to telling him what a big mistake he’s making. Although, at the time, these approaches seem logical, they’re not. There are proven methods to get your ex boyfriend back that also keep your self worth intact.

When I was first contemplating the question of how do I get him to love me again I thought jealousy was the route to take. In my mind’s eye I imagined a scenario where my ex would run into me and a new guy, he’d fly into a jealous rage and he’d openly declare his undying love for me on the spot. The problem with this method is that it won’t work. It will actually backfire on you and your ex may stop talking to you altogether. Men don’t want to see any woman they care about with someone else. If you hope to have a future with him, don’t even attempt to make him jealous at all.

Becoming his platonic friend may seem like a step in the wrong direction, but it’s a great tool to get him to love you again. After a break up the man in the relationship just wants some room and time to himself. He doesn’t want to feel pressured into jumping back into any romantic relationship, especially the one he just got out of. If you want to keep the connection between you two open, suggest a platonic friendship. He’ll likely be open to it and you need to pace yourself within it. Contact him only rarely and then be very general with your discussions. No questions about who he is dating or if he’s interested in anyone. Just demonstrate to him that you’re a supportive and non-threatening friend. This will establish a new bond between you two. From there it’s just a few short steps back to being lovers.

There is a way to get him back using simple text messages – watch this video to learn more.

What NOT to Do to Get Your Ex Boyfriend to Come Back

If you are currently struggling through a break up with the man you love, you know that you’re facing an uncertain future. When a relationship ends it can literally feel like the world is ending. It’s heartbreaking to imagine moving forward and trying to build a life without your ex boyfriend. You don’t have to take this route though. You can bypass all the pain and uncertainty and actually get him back. Most women have no idea how to get their man back and therefore they do things that damage any chance they may have had to get him back.

The one thing you must not do if you want to get your boyfriend back is plead with him to take you back. Unfortunately, most women actually do this without thinking. You let your emotions take over and before you know it you’re calling your ex, while crying, telling him that he’s making the biggest mistake of his life. It feels natural to do this and because you’re so emotional, all logic is thrown out the window. You believe that your tears are proof of how much you need him and that he’ll have no choice but to give in and take you back. He doesn’t see it quite the same way you do though.

Men see too much emotion as a sign of weakness and desperation. If you approach your ex boyfriend when you are angry, sad or feeling lost, he’ll become uncomfortable quickly. It will also help him see that you’re willing to do just about anything to get him back. That may seem appealing to us, but to men it absolutely isn’t. Men are always looking for a challenge and that applies to the areas of love and romance. You stand a much better chance of reconnecting with him if you keep yourself calm and in control. Show him that you’re mature enough to handle the break up and that you aren’t breaking down his door trying to win back his love. If you can do this, you’ll find that he’ll be the one wanting you back.

Text Messages are the Tool You Need to Get Him Back

Obviously when you miss your ex boyfriend deeply there’s only one thing you want and need – you want to get him back in your arms. If you’re like most women you look to your friends for guidance on how to get him to want you back. That seems reasonable but it’s actually not a great idea. You see – our friends only have our best interests at heart and they’ll say and do whatever they can to make us feel better.

You can’t rely on your own good sense to guide you in the right direction. Most of us do that and it end poorly with our ex boyfriend feeling even more distant. One wrong move can actually result in him deciding to exit your life for good. Please don’t risk that if you truly believe he’s the man for you.

There’s a much better and easier way. I know that you feel panicked at the moment because right now it feels as though you can’t fix this situation with your ex boyfriend. But you can and it’s actually very easy.

You need some guidance and you need to follow the lead of someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about.

I want you to watch this video. Take a moment and do it. It will help you feel more centered and you’ll see that you really can get him back by using very simple techniques.

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