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My Husband Hurt My Feelings! How to Get Him to Be More Compassionate and Caring

My husband hurt my feelings.” That statement is always said with some sadness. Our spouse is the person we’re closest to. They are supposed to be our emotional safe spot in the world so when they say something hurtful, the pain runs deeply. One big problem in many marriages is the husband doesn’t fully understand how damaging his words can be. He may not see it as a big deal when he says something that bites, but you do.

You’re emotionally wounded and you want him to understand. That’s completely reasonable when your husband hurts your feelings. You try and explain to him why it caused you pain but in most cases he’s just not going to grasp it. What typically occurs is he’ll tell you that you’re overreacting and once that happens you’ll feel even more hurt. You withdraw and perhaps even stop talking to him for a time. He gets more confused and the conflict just escalates. There is a better way to handle this situation so you can get your husband to be more compassionate and caring without you nagging him into doing it.

Changing this type of repetitive behavior in your husband takes time. If he hurts your feelings on a continual basis you need to have a plan in place for each and every time it happens. That way you’ll be prepared to react in a constructive way. Over time, if you handle this properly, his attitude will change and those hurtful comments will be a distant memory.

When your husband hurts your feelings, take a moment to breathe deeply before you say a word. This will give you time to calm down so you don’t launch into a full scale attack against him. Your initial reaction is going to be to lash out at him verbally. That just starts a cycle of destructive behavior that isn’t good for either of you.

Many believe firmly believe that you can change another person’s negative attitude by being more positive with them. This works well in this type of situation. When your husband is criticizing you or deliberately saying things that he knows causes you pain, do the exact opposite with him. Wait a few moments and then say something positive about him. It may be telling him that you are grateful that he did a particular job around the house or you appreciate what a great father he is. He’ll be taken back by this and won’t expect it at all. If you continue to do this each time he says something hurtful, it will change his demeanor. If he feels you being kind and considerate of him, he’s likely to follow suit with you.

When your husband hurts your feelings it changes your marriage.

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My Husband is Selfish – Advice for Women Who Feel Ignored in Their Marriage

My husband is selfish.” Any time a woman says that it’s with a sense of sadness and regret. You didn’t marry a selfish man or at least it didn’t appear to be that way, did it? At the time you two met he was so attentive to your needs and could almost predict when you could use his attention. That’s all changed now. Instead of a partner who helps equally, you’re dealing with a man who seems more focused on his own life and the things he wants. It’s obviously deeply concerning when this happens. No woman should be expected to life in an unbalanced relationship like this. If you’re tired of your partner being so self-centered, you have the power to change it.

What most of us are inclined to do when we start to see our husband acting selfish is call him on it. We think nothing of confronting him about his behavior. The problem is that many men just don’t recognize that they’re doing it. In their minds, their needs are paramount right now because they’ve given so much to their family over the years. If you two have been married for some time and you’re approaching middle age, you may be quick to jump on the train of thought that it’s his mid-life crisis. Although that may certainly play a role, this type of behavior is prevalent in men of all ages.

Instead of talking to him about the problem, think about dealing with it in a more constructive manner. If he truly feels justified in putting his needs above everyone else’s you have to give him a taste of his own medicine. Yes, this seems juvenile but often in a relationship it’s about dealing with things at a very basic level.

Although you should never lose sight of your children throughout this process, you do need to start putting yourself first. A wonderfully effective piece of advice for women who feel neglected in their marriages is to break out of the role of wife and mother for a time. That means that you’re going to need to be selfish too in order to show him how his own behavior is impacting everything.

A few days before the weekend tell him that he needs to mind the children and the house because you are going away. You deserve a small getaway so arrange something with a friend. This doesn’t have to be expensive. You two can simply sneak away to a local spa, spend the evening in a nice hotel and share a decadent dinner together. You probably can think of a few friends who could stand a small getaway themselves too. You may need to do this several times for it to fully sink in for him.

Your husband is bound to label you selfish for doing this but that’s what you want to have happen. He has to feel the effects of your behavior on not only himself but the family too. Once he’s fully responsible for taking care of everything, he’ll start to see the light and with any luck, his selfish streak will be a thing of the past.

You have the power to change your marriage if your husband ignores you.

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I Want My Husband to Fall Back in Love with Me – Make it Happen with These Tips

I want my husband to fall back in love with me.” That’s a hard statement for any woman to make. It involves recognizing that the man you love and adore just doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore. We all know that marriage often changes the once passionate dynamic that existed. Gone are the days when you two would spend hours staring into each other’s eyes and talking about your dreams for the future. That’s all been replaced by having to work to pay the bills and tending to the needs of the kids. Many women in this position just simply give up and walk away. They believe that the love their husband once felt is gone for good. It’s not. You can rekindle his desire and adoration for you and it’s easier than you think.

In order to get your husband to fall back in love with you, you have to take an honest look at the state of the relationship today. You have to genuinely admit how you’ve been treating your husband and likewise how he’s been treating you. Many women fall into a pattern of taking their husbands for granted once the children arrive. Obviously kids take a great deal of focus and energy but if you’ve allowed your one-on-one relationship with your spouse to fall by the wayside, the consequences will be disastrous. Make the time to spend with your husband every day. It doesn’t have to be for hours. It just has to be uninterrupted, quality time.

You should also make an effort to talk more with your husband about what’s important in his life. We sometimes mistake our husband’s feelings for being something other than what they are. You may believe that he’s fallen out of love with you when in actuality he’s just distanced himself emotionally. The way to mend this is to talk with him. You do need to be open and willing to listen to what he has to say. Some of it may sting a bit but try to view it as a productive way to rebuild the marriage. Absorb what he tells you and learn from it. Talking in this manner on a regular basis will help your husband to feel closer to you all over again.

No one ever said that romance has to die after you get married. Take the bull by the horns in the romance department and start sweeping your husband off his feet. Even doing small things for him can bridge the emotional gap that has developed between the two of you. Often in a relationship if the woman starts making an effort to treat her husband the way she did when they first met, he’ll follow suit.

Specific things you do and say can compel your husband to appreciate and love you more.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause him to feel even more distant from you. You can make your husband fall even deeper in love with you than when you two first married.

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Getting Your Husband Back in Love With You – Advice for Wives


Whenever a woman takes that life changing walk down the aisle she does it with the intention of being married to her husband for the rest of her life. Rarely does a woman question a man’s love for her on their wedding day, but once the daily grind of real life sets in, things can start to shift. Since most men aren’t as quick to show or reveal their feelings as women are it can be challenging to know exactly how your husband feels about you. A woman’s instinct can help guide her in a situation like this and it may start telling her that he’s just not feeling as emotionally connected to her as he once did. If you feel that he’s drifting away there are ways of getting your husband back in love with you that can ensure your marriage endures and flourishes.

One of the best methods for getting your husband back in love with you is to make some positive changes in yourself. Sometimes we mistake boredom for a lost of interest. Your husband may not feel that magical spark anymore when he thinks about you and that’s what you need to change. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic. Just focus on what you’ve wanted to change about yourself and then make it happen. It might be something as simple as buying some new clothes, or taking a class or even starting a new job. You want to show your husband that you’re still the dynamic, multi faceted woman he fell in love with.

Another step in the right direction towards repairing your marriage is to really start listening to your husband and showing him that you value him as a person. When a couple has been married for sometime they may begin to take one another for granted. This typically manifests itself in several ways. They may not really take the time to talk to their partner, they get irritated quickly with them or they constantly become angered by even the smallest thing. You need to show your husband that you’re thankful for his presence in your life each and every day. If he feels more valued by you, he’ll feel emotionally closer to you. Make a strong effort to thank him for everything he brings to your life. Let him know that you wouldn’t want to share your life with anyone else. He needs and wants to hear these things from you.

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How Can I Make My Husband Love Me Forever – Tips For Wives


Is it possible to make my husband love me forever? That’s one of the questions many married women wonder about. The day we get married we truly feel as though the connection we share with our man will stay the same throughout the coming years. Unfortunately, things like mortgages, children and career pressures take their toll and many couples find themselves feeling very disconnected from one another. If you worry about this and you want to ensure it doesn’t happen to you and your husband you need to take some steps now to strengthen the bond you two share.

When I was thinking about how to make my husband love me forever I realized that I needed to remain the woman he fell in love with. Naturally we all change over time as we mature and gain more life experience but you want to ensure you always retain those qualities that your husband loves and admires most about you. Never lose your self confidence and always pursue your own interests. As much as your husband adores you for being a devoted wife and mother he also wants to admire you for being independent and focused on your own goals.

You also have to stay committed to being his biggest supporter if you want to make your husband love you forever. It’s easy to lose sight of why you fell in love with your husband once you two become parents or he becomes more immersed in his work. We often become critical of those closest to us if life becomes overwhelming at times. This usually means we take out our frustrations on our husband. If  you have been guilty of doing this, you need to stop. Even if you don’t believe it’s impacting his feelings, it likely is. Many men are much more sensitive than we realize. Get yourself back to a place where you focus on the positives instead of the negatives. It will help forge a stronger bond between you two.

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Ways to Get Your Husband to Fall Back in Love With You – Helpful Advice For Wives


As a marriage matures the couple can find themselves drifting apart emotionally and physically. This is very difficult for a woman who is still very much in love with her spouse. If you feel that your husband and you just aren’t as connected as you once were, don’t give up hope. Although you may feel that divorce is looming on the horizon, it doesn’t have to be the only option. There are ways to get your husband to fall back in love with you again. Not only can this save your relationship it can actually result in him loving you more now than he ever has before.

One of the ways to get your husband to fall back in love with you is to consider how you’ve been treating him recently as opposed to when you two first married. Granted, having children, a career to tend to and bills to pay does change the dynamic of a marriage, but were there any specific occurrences that resulted in you two facing conflict? If a couple argues over something in particular and that argument is never resolved it can lead to all kinds of resentment and negative feelings. Perhaps your husband is still holding a grudge over something that occurred years or months ago. He may not even be aware that he’s doing this. Think back to anything that may have caused damage to the foundation of the marriage and then work to resolve that with him. You may have to compromise on this one issue, but making him love you more is well worth that.

Often times if a man feels neglected he’ll start to focus less and less on his wife. If you’ve been pushing time with him to the back burner in favor of doing things together as a family, he may feel less important and that can cause his feelings to change. One of the best ways to get your husband to fall back in love is to focus only on him for at least a few hours a week. If you can do this on a daily or nightly basis, that’s even better. Ensure he knows that you adore him and that you want to spend time just with him. Make him feel special all over again and he’ll start to feel closer to you emotionally again.

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