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Why Am I Still Thinking About Him? Understanding Emotions After a Break Up

Relationships have a way of taking over our lives. When things are good we base most of our happiness on the fact that we are fortunate enough to be involved with a wonderful man we absolutely adore. When things get bad, everything else in our lives suffer because we feel disconnected from the person who helps ground us and makes us feel whole and complete. When a relationship gets to the point where a break up is the next step, it’s devastating regardless if you’re on board for the split or you’re against it. Everything you knew in your life feels very different suddenly. You no longer have your boyfriend to turn to and you can’t lean on him anymore. Many questions typically run through a woman’s mind during this time including, “what went wrong, will I ever feel happy again and why am I still thinking about him.” You need to know that it’s natural to wonder about many things after a break up. Understanding why you’re going through this is truly the best way to help you move forward.

Why am I still thinking about him?” That’s a question that many women ask after some time has passed since they separated from their boyfriend. Unfortunately, our minds and our hearts aren’t always as quick to forget things as we’d like. It’s not uncommon for a woman to start thinking about her ex weeks, month and even years after the relationship ends. If you two were very close, the man has made an imprint on your life and he’s going to be someone your mind will wander back to from time-to-time. It’s not something that you should have any deep concern about. It’s natural to think back to crucial times in our lives and obviously the important relationships we have will fall into that category. It should only become a real issue if you have trouble focusing on anything but your ex.

It’s also completely normal for your thoughts to generally be positive ones. Most breaks ups come with some degree of bitterness attached to them. Time has a way of smoothing over those rough edges to create an image of your ex that will make him seem almost irresistible now. It happens to many people after they go through the complicated emotions that accompany the end of their romantic relationship. As time passes, the anger, bitterness and heartbreak are replaced by warm thoughts of the good moments and the connection that was once there. If you’re not careful you can allow those positive thoughts to become so pressing that you simply overlook everything that created the friction that contributed to the relationship ending.

If you’d like to move on and forget your ex altogether, that’s possible. You need to start to actively change your train of thought each time he pops into your mind. That means that if you hear a song on the radio and it reminds you of your time with him, change the station or think about something you need to finish at work. If you often think about him when you’re alone, try to busy yourself more by spending more time with friends or work colleagues. Keeping an active mind is essential when you’re focused on leaving a relationship behind you.

Some women feel that they just can’t forget their ex and because of that they decide to pursue him all over again. You need to really think clearly about this before you leap off that emotional bridge. Remember that whatever pulled you two apart still exists and has yet to be resolved. Don’t jump into anything too quickly. Give yourself a chance to remember things the way they were, not the way you wished they were.  Your heart is vulnerable and it’s up to you to protect it.

Before you decide to get your ex boyfriend back, think long and hard about how things will be different this time and what you can actively do to ensure that happens.

If you’re intent on a future with the man, it’s important to understand the right approach to take so you don’t end up with a broken heart all over again.


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I Pushed Him Away and Now I Regret It! Help for Understanding Why You Feel This Way

I pushed him away and now I regret it!” Oops. That’s a mistake that you’re finding it hard to live with, yes? It’s understandable. Love doesn’t pop into our lives very often and when it does we don’t want to be the one who pushes it away out of spite or because of a temporary conflict. Sadly, you’re not alone in your regret. Many women are experiencing just what you are. They let their better judgement slip away and in the process along with it the love of their lives. You wish more than anything you could change the past but you know that thinking about it too long will only prove to be a bitter source of frustration. The man is gone and you are the reason for that. Now is when you have to start facing that fact and acting in a way that shows that you acknowledge your mistake.

Trying to come up with a reason for why you pushed him away may be fruitless. Obviously whatever you were feeling about him back then isn’t the same as what you’re feeling today. If it was, regret wouldn’t be part of your emotional landscape. Your feelings have changed and it’s very important that you identify the source for the change. You may be surprised to learn that what you’re feeling may not be regret at all but may actually be a by-product of loneliness. You may feel that you want him back solely because you just don’t want to be alone. It’s hard to face that in ourselves, but you need to ensure that’s not what you’re feeling before you do something as drastic as calling your ex and asking him to talk things over.

Think clearly for a moment about what your life is like now. Do you feel that something is missing in general or is it more about someone is missing? If you regret pushing him away because now you have to face endless nights alone, that’s less about your ex and much more about you. You shouldn’t feel drawn to a man again based solely on the fact that you miss having someone around. If that’s the case and you pursue a renewed relationship with him, you’ll soon find out that you’ll be pushing him away again.

If you firmly believe that you have deep regret that is based on the fact that you made a mistake with him, that’s a different story altogether. In life it’s certainly true that, at times, we don’t fully recognize the gifts certain people bring to our lives until it’s just too late. Once we’ve separated ourselves from them we begin to recognize how extraordinary they really are and how others don’t fully measure up.

If you feel that you did indeed overlook what a wonderful man your ex boyfriend was you’re faced with a crossroads. You need to determine whether pursuing him again is something you want. If he’s already moved on and is happy with someone else, you need to give careful thought to whether or not you want to even suggest to him that you still have feelings. It may complicate his life and yours in ways that you’re just not prepared for. However, if he’s still single, speaking to him about your regrets may be a good idea. Although it may not mean a second chance for you two it will allow you the opportunity to set the record straight so that he does understand that you see him in a much more positive light than your past actions have suggested.

Even though you pushed him away it’s natural to still feel a connection to him. There are things you can do to get him to forgive you and open himself up to you again. Learn how you can erase the mistakes you made with the man you adore.

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Did He Ever Really Love Me? Break Up Advice for Women

Did he ever really love me?” That’s the question you can’t seem to get out of your mind, isn’t it? You and your boyfriend are history. The break up was beyond painful and now you’re questioning the entire relationship. You wonder why he seems so content not being with you anymore. You also can’t help question whether or not he really meant it when he said he loved you. It’s completely normal and natural for you to doubt his feelings since he’s move on towards a new life so effortlessly. Beating yourself up emotionally isn’t going to help. You have to learn how to let all those questions go but obviously you can’t turn to him for help. This is one time where you have to look within to find the answers you need and the strength to move closer to a new beginning.

Trying to determine whether or not your former boyfriend loved you is really nothing more than an exercise in frustration and heartbreak. Relationships often go through a series of ebbs and flows. Feelings change over the course of time so it’s important to recognize that even though your boyfriend may have loved you very deeply at one point that could have changed as things progressed. If he told you on the day you two broke up that he no longer loved you don’t absorb that to mean that he never cared for you. It only means that at the moment he decided to end the relationship he wasn’t as emotionally invested in you as he once was.

It’s crucial for a woman in your position to see the positive in the break up. That seems like a ridiculous proposition at this point, but it’s vital that you keep an open heart and mind. If you still feel emotionally connected to your ex, it’s obviously very hard to let him go and to try and see the promise of a future relationship with someone new. However, you must pick and pull apart the old relationship to find the ways in which you grew as a woman and a partner. Try not to see the ending of the relationship as a failure. It’s not. Instead view it as an experience and embrace it for what it was.

Think clearly about what you’ve learned about yourself since you and your ex boyfriend first got together. Perhaps you’ve developed more patience or tolerance for the habits he had that used to get under your skin. Maybe you’ve learned how to communicate in a much more effective way than before you two met. Now is really the time for you to consider how you’ve grown as a person and to be grateful for that.

Although it’s common for a woman in your position to wonder if your ex really did love you, try to put that in the back of your mind. Trust in the fact that he did indeed love you when he said he did. View the relationship ending and his feelings changing as part of the course of your journey together. If you can do that, you’ll leave the relationship behind you with the knowledge that you are a better woman because of it and you’ll be ready, willing and able to embrace any new romance that is headed your way.

Regardless of how much you wonder about whether your ex boyfriend loved you, it can’t change what happened between the two of you.

If you’re unwilling or emotionally unable to let him go, there is something you can do to reignite his interest again. If you’re certain that the break up was indeed a mistake and you two are destined to build a future together, visit this informative site.

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I Work with My Ex Boyfriend! How to Handle This Emotionally Challenging Situation

Life has a tendency to throw things our way that we don’t expect. Many of life’s personal challenges seem to come straight at us out of left field. It’s hard when this happens, particularly if you’re a sensitive and compassionate woman. We want to be as kind, considerate and empathetic to others as we can be. It’s a part of the fabric that we’re woven from. So what’s a woman to do when she’s trying to remain calm and centered and has an ex boyfriend to juggle? The answer isn’t easy and becomes exponentially more complicated if that ex boyfriend is someone she still cares deeply for. If the woman in question is you and your co-worker at one time was your boyfriend, you’ve got your hands full in an emotional sense.

I work with my ex boyfriend,” is never an easy thing to say. Admitting that you feel trapped within the working relationship is actually a good thing. Some women plant their heels firmly into the invisible sand and declare that they aren’t going to keep working with their ex so he has to leave and find new employment. If you’ve already tried doing this you know it won’t work. If you admit to yourself that working with him is painful, you’ll then be able to equip yourself with the emotional tools you need to get through each day. You can even conquer this to the point that his presence doesn’t affect you at all.

Begin by acknowledging that you two had a relationship. If you pretend that he’s just another co-worker you’re not going to fool yourself. Admit to yourself that you had deep feelings for him and that those feelings caused pain when you two did break up. If you refuse to admit that you felt anything and you try constantly to convince yourself that his presence in your workplace means nothing to you, you won’t be winning any battles. Instead, look at him, embrace what he meant to you and accept that the romantic part of your relationship is over now and you two are solely co-workers.

Talk to him about any loose ends that may be floating between the two of you. If you ended the relationship with a huge argument, now is the time to clear the air. Resentment can very easily creep into your working dynamic and others will notice it. If you don’t want your situation at work compromised, you must learn how to handle any issues that are still causing friction between you and your ex. Have this discussion outside of the work environment. I wouldn’t recommend asking your ex out for dinner as this can easily be misinterpreted as a date. Instead, suggest a coffee during your lunch break or at the end of the day. Be clear when you do talk to him about any lingering problems between you two. Just explain that you recognize how important his job is as well as your job and you’d like him to help you work towards a resolution so there aren’t any bad feelings between the two of you that might impact your performance at work.

It’s also a good idea to try and steer clear of any conversations he may be having publically about his current dating life. This can be hurtful, even if you feel that you’ve moved forward and away from the break up. It’s best not to tempt fate by finding yourself in the middle of a water cooler discussion about how great his new girlfriend is. Keep to yourself at work, and your ex boyfriend will soon become just another guy you see at work.

Working with your ex boyfriend can be very difficult especially if you still love and adore him.

Learn what you can do now to make him want you back so you can have the future with him you’ve always dreamed of.

Click here to learn the guaranteed way to Get Him Back Forever.

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My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Be in a Relationship Anymore!

Our romantic relationship often is the centerpiece of our existence. It makes sense when you consider that your happiness is often interwoven with feeling valued, loved and appreciated by the man in your life. When you two are close and deeply connected, those moments can feel like a type of euphoria. You imagine that no one else in the world has ever felt what you two feel. That changes dramatically when your relationship hits low points. If you two argue it can make it very difficult for you to focus on anything else. Any type of strife with your man causes a level of stress that is difficult to shoulder. It becomes even more complicated when the relationship starts to unravel. If your guy suddenly decides that he wants to be single, that’s a blow to your heart. Saying, “my boyfriend doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore,” is heart wrenching for any woman. Knowing how to repair the damage so he does want to be with you is crucial.

If your boyfriend doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore, you have to accept that, at least for the time being. It’s not easy to do that and it’s certainly understandable why you may feel the need to bombard him with emails or calls all in a desperate attempt to get him to reconsider. If you do these things, however natural they feel at the time, you’ll be devaluing yourself as a woman and future partner to him. You’ll be showing him that all of your self-worth is connected to him. Men don’t want to be with women who define themselves through their relationships. You have to be strong and stay calm when your boyfriend decides to move forward in his life without you.

That’s not to say that you have to let him go, in an emotional sense. You need to create a new connection with him that will eventually grow into an even stronger bond than you two had in the past. The best and most effective way to do this is to approach him from a place of platonic friendship. Men are very open to the idea of being friends with women they’ve been romantically involved with. Tell him that you think it would be great to be friends. He’ll likely welcome this and it will allow you to stay in his life while you work on getting closer to him again.

Being a good friend to him is very important. You need to show your boyfriend that you can be someone who is positive in his life. Ask him out for coffee or lunch sometimes and share what’s going on in your life. Stay invested in his by offering your guidance or assistance whenever he needs it. If you can transform into his most trusted advisor and confidante, the romantic feelings are bound to be re-awakened. In time, he’ll start to see you as the woman he loves again and this time, you’ll have the basis of a strong and committed friendship to build on.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

If you still need and want him don’t leave your future with him to chance, there are ways to win him back.

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He Says He Still Cares About Me! Deciphering What Your Ex Boyfriend Means By This

We almost need a decoder ring when it comes to understanding what men mean by the words they share. It’s true. Think about it for a moment. How many times has the man in your life said something and you’ve rushed off to ask a friend what she thinks he means by that? Some of us have even gone so far as to allow our friends the pleasure (or maybe it’s the punishment for being our friend) of listening to our man’s voicemails or reading his emails. The fact is that your friends, unless they were a man in a distant past life and can channel that now, have no clue what his words mean. They may say something helpful like, “it’s clear that he can’t bear how much he loves you,” when in fact that’s not even in the ball park of what he was trying to convey. A perfect example is when your ex boyfriend says he cares for you. If you love him still you want his words to translate to he can’t live another day without you, but is that really what he’s trying to say?

Men say things for many different reasons, just as we do. We’ll sometimes tell a friend that she looks great in a dress when it’s obvious that it’s two sizes too small for her. The same is true with men and particularly men who have just ended a relationship. If your ex says he still cares for you, there’s probably some meaning hidden somewhere in those words. The word that becomes the focal point is “care.” “Care” to you may mean the opposite of what “care” means to him.

Actions! It’s all about actions when you’re on the hunt for what your ex boyfriend means. If you don’t see him at all, and you haven’t heard much out of him since the relationship ended, don’t put a lot of stock in his words. In this case he is more than likely telling you that he cares what happens to you or he cares that you’re happy. It’s not the same as caring about you in way that suggests that he longs for you and can’t wait to have you back.

You really need to take a step back from this and look at the situation as a whole. It’s natural for a couple to drift apart once the romantic aspect of their relationship has fallen apart. Although you may consider each other friends, you have to think about where his life is at the moment, as well as where your life is. If he’s dating and he’s suggesting that he cares for you, again it’s much more about being polite or courteous.

However, there is a bright spot to this and something to hold onto if you really do wish you two could get back together again. If your ex seeks you out or arranges to talk to you often, his words do take on an entirely different meaning. His involvement in your life suggests that he can’t let go of you. Perhaps he’s gone so far as to ask if you still care for him, or if you’re interested in anyone else. Questions like this combined with a declaration that he still thinks about you or cares for you, clearly shows that his heart hasn’t let you go yet.

Be realistic when you consider what’s going on with you and your ex. False hope won’t be good for either of you and it will hinder your progress with moving forward in your life. Use his actions as a pseudo decoder ring. They really will tell you whether you’re searching for more in his words than he intended.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

If you still need and want him don’t leave your future with him to chance, there are ways to win him back.

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How to Handle Seeing Your Ex Boyfriend Again!

Has a day passed since the break up when you haven’t cried? If you’re like most of us, the answer is no. It’s impossible to not feel a sense of loss when your relationship comes to a crashing halt. You have to mourn what you’ll never have and even though you’ve tried looking back fondly at what might have been, the emotional pain is just too fresh. You still entertain thoughts of getting back together with him. In fact, you may not have gone through the clean and purge stage of your break up yet. That’s the point where you realize that you don’t want him back in your life so everything he ever gave you ends up in the trash. If you instead stare longingly at his pictures and you sleep with his t-shirt, you’re far from letting him go yet. If you’re still consumed with thoughts of your ex, you need some ground rules regarding how to deal with him. The aftermath of a break up is a crucial time for a woman. If she doesn’t handle this correctly she could erase any chance she had to be with the man she loves. You need to learn how to act when you’re around him including how to handle seeing your ex boyfriend again.

It’s inevitable that sooner or later you two are going to cross paths. If you’re lucky this will occur after several weeks have passed and emotions have calmed. It’s a horrible feeling to run face first into your ex at the coffee shop the morning after he dumped you. Your eyes will be almost swollen shut from crying and you will look as though you haven’t slept a wink. You’ll probably burst into tears the moment you see him and he’ll feel completely uncomfortable. For that reason alone it’s best to try and avoid the places you know your ex boyfriend frequents until you’ve allowed yourself some time to heal.

In between now and when you do see your ex boyfriend again you have a few tasks you need to focus on. First, you’ve got to get yourself looking extra hot. That’s not to say you need to jump into a diet and exercise plan or change your hairstyle or makeup dramatically. It does mean that you absolutely must work on feeling good about the way you look. Spend some time each day just relaxing and appreciating how incredible you are. Never lose sight of the fact that your ex thought you were “it” at one point. That clearly means he can think that again now if you believe it too.

You have to learn how to stay focused on calm and peaceful thoughts. Right now everything seems out of control and the smallest reminder can set you into a downward spiral where you end up clutching a picture of your ex sobbing about what you’ve lost. You can’t present yourself that way to him in person. When you do see him, you must appear to be fine with the split and ready to move on with your life. A good exercise to help you do that is to think about everything else in your life that you’re grateful for. Also, consider that even though you two are apart for the moment that may not always be the case. Sometimes looking far into the future is very helpful.

If you are feeling anxious at all about seeing your ex boyfriend again, you need to get it out of the way. It’s at this point that you should arrange to bump into him “by accident.” Go to that coffee shop you know he stops at each day or take your dog for a stroll down the street in front of his house. If you do the initial meeting this way you control how you look and what you say. Just remember to stay calm, composed and don’t appear needy at all. He’ll be impressed that you’ve handled the break up with so much maturity and grace.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

If you still need and want him don’t leave your future with him to chance, there are ways to win him back.

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Is It Over or Does He Just Need Space? Understanding Why Your Man is Ignoring You

Relationships are full of both good days and bad days. With any luck and if the universe is smiling down on us, we get to be with a partner who fills our days with wonderful experiences. If you believe you’ve found the man who does that for you, it can literally transform your life. Nothing can get in the way of your happiness and everything takes on a rosier tone, even if it’s just doing something mundane like driving to work or cleaning the house. Your life feels focused and centered and you can see the future with your guy right in front of you. It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it? Any woman in this position wants that feeling to never end. She wants to feel that her guy will be there forever and nothing will tear them apart. What happens if suddenly, he seems less present and he starts ignoring you? You’re bound to have a million questions starting with the big one. Is it over or does he just need space is a question you probably wish you had an answer to.

Any sudden shift in a man’s behavior is bound to bring a sense of panic to the woman who loves him. If a man goes from being overly attentive to barely being present, that’s reason for concern. Unless he truly does have a bundle of work to tend to as he claims, you should be considering the notion that he may be losing interest in you. Contrary to what you’ve seen in the movies and heard from your friends, men don’t start ignoring their girlfriend just because they feel too much for her. The fact is that typically when a man pulls back it’s because he’s looking for a way out of the relationship.

There are a few strong behavior signs that are present when a man is ready to end a relationship. First and foremost he just won’t have the decency to say that he needs space. If a man does feel confused about his emotions and he feels that he’s unsure of whether or not he wants the relationship to barrel ahead at the breakneck speed it’s been going, he’ll say he needs some breathing room or space. He wants to make it clear that he’s not going anywhere other than one step back to evaluate his feelings and his future. If a man disappears without a word at all, your feelings aren’t his concern anymore. He’s trying to break up with you by being absent from your life. There’s a large distinctive difference between these two scenarios.

When a man becomes overly critical with the woman he’s involved with that also usually means he has one foot out the door. Some men shy away from confrontation including the break up speech. The way they think they should be handling the break up is by disappearing into the sunset. They believe that you’ll eventually get the picture that the relationship isn’t alive anymore. It’s a cruel way to say goodbye to a woman who loves you, but to a man who wants to skip the crying and pleading, it’s the best way possible.

Obviously, you can just ask your guy what’s going on if he’s pulled back. If you call him and get no response for at least a day, take that to mean he’s moved on. If he calls back and says he’s just really busy, give him the benefit of the doubt for another day or two. If he responds by saying he adores you but he just needs time for himself, you can take some comfort in the knowledge that he’s likely coming back. Read between the lines and follow his behavior patterns and you’ll be able to tell before long whether it’s really over or whether you two are just taking a brief break.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

If you still need and want him don’t leave your future with him to chance, there are ways to win him back.

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Can Me and My Boyfriend Get Back Together?

There are a million questions running through your head in the days after you’re dumped. You wonder if there was another woman involved or if your boyfriend just slowly fell out of love with you. You think endlessly about what you could have done differently and you ache to know whether he misses you as much as you miss him. It’s understandable why you’d want answers to all these questions, but the big one a woman in your situation typically asks is, “can me and my boyfriend get back together?” It’s a good question and it comes with a surprising answer. In almost every broken relationship there is a definite chance that the couple can get back together and build a connection that is stronger than ever.

Before you can even consider what you should be doing to win your guy back, you have to deal with the past. Granted break ups can be incredibly messy emotionally but if you don’t put it all to rest, it will come back to haunt you two as you work towards reconciling. If your boyfriend was the dumper you may think that you did absolutely nothing wrong and therefore having nothing to apologize for. You’re wrong. Just as you both worked together to make things fulfilling for a time, you both had a hand in things falling apart the way they did. You have to own up to whatever you did that may have made him feel that the best route to take was the one that lead out of the relationship. Apologize to him for what you feel you did wrong. It will definitely help to get things moving in a more forward direction.

You know how there are certain things that your boyfriend always found irresistible in you? Those are the things you should be focusing on highlighting now. You want him to see only the best you have to offer. It’s advisable that you spend a bit of time transforming yourself into the best version of you that you can possibly be. That’s not to advocate that you change who you are for him, but instead make some positive changes for yourself. You’ll find that you’ll not only feel better but you’ll attract better things into your life including a renewed chance with your boyfriend.

Keep an open mind and heart as you move forward towards rebuilding a connection with your ex boyfriend. He may be a bit hesitant to put himself out there again and that’s understandable when you consider how painful the break up was for you both. Allow a new friendship to develop between you two and savor every moment of that. Even though your heart may be aching for more, give it time for you both to see each other for the gifts you truly are. If you do that, you’ll be building a foundation that will stand the test of time.

Confused about how to win him back? Saying or doing one wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

Learn the step-by-step guaranteed plan to get him back now. You’ve only got one chance to win him back so make it count.

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My Boyfriend Wants to Date Other People! How to Handle This the Right Way

A committed relationship means two people in love, right? That’s what you’ve always assumed it’s meant. You’ve been really happy dating your boyfriend. Maybe things haven’t been completely perfect but no relationship is. You both have tried hard to make things work and you feel that you two have a bright future ahead of you together. It’s lovely when a woman feels that way but what if the man she’s committed to is traveling down a completely different emotional path? What if your boyfriend wants to date other people? If that’s the hurdle you now have to face, you need a plan to ensure you get what you want out of this.

If your boyfriend wants to date other people don’t overreact. That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? How could you possibly not fly off the handle upon hearing that the only man you want to be with is ready to play the field. You feel rejected and despondent. You feel like you’re just not enough for him. You have to try your best to not look at the situation from this vantage point. You can’t lose faith in yourself and the amazing woman you are just because he is having a temporary lapse of good judgement. You’re going to show your boyfriend that you’re the only woman for him and you’re going to do it in a way that will shock and surprise him.

Begin by listening to the rationale behind his desire to date outside of your relationship. Many men will say things like they feel things are moving too quickly and they want to make sure you’re the one. Or they’ll claim that they want you both to have other experiences so there aren’t any regrets later on. These may be the real reason behind your boyfriend wanting to date other women but it’s likely much more about him being interested in someone in particular. He may have met another woman that he’s attracted to so he feels he needs to let you go so he can have the experiences he wants to have with her.

It’s hard to face this if you truly love him but it’s important to see the bright side of the coin. He told you before venturing outside your relationship. He didn’t cheat on you and that’s a sign that he really does care for you and respect you. That’s why you must react to his desire to date other women in a very specific and controlled way.

Tell him you understand that he needs this and you want what’s best for you both. Don’t fly into an uncontrollable jealous rage and don’t fall apart into a puddle of tears. Keep your chin up and your self confidence intact. Wish him well on his new dating adventures and then get to work creating new experiences of your own. You shouldn’t “date” a new man if you still love your ex, but you should give the impression that you are. Go out and have fun in places that men frequent. Clubs are perfect for this. Your boyfriend will hear through the community grapevine what you’re doing and it will sting.

When you do talk to him, allude to the fact that you’re in a hurry because you have plans. If he asks with whom, don’t answer directly. These small mysterious gestures on your part will get to him. He’ll realize that since he’s dating other people, you have the freedom to do that now too and that won’t sit well with him if he does still care for you. You need that to happen so he’ll change his tune and come running back with the desire to be committed to you and you alone.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

If you still need and want him don’t leave your future with him to chance, there are ways to win him back.

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