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My Boyfriend Can’t Handle My Past! How to Handle This Delicate Situation

Unfortunately, not many of us go into our lifelong romantic relationship without some sort of past. It’s inevitable that eventually a discussion will occur in which both you and the man you adore will confess your deepest, darkest, past relationship secrets. Even though any other entanglements happened before you two met, they can still cause a lot of conflict in the present. Such is the case with a man who just can’t seem to get over the reality that his girlfriend had boyfriends before him. If your man can’t handle the fact that you do have a past, you’re facing an uphill battle. Once you confess your past sins to him you obviously can’t take them back. However, there are things you can do to effectively undo the damage you’ve already done and get him to see beyond what you did before you met him. Getting your man to focus on the here and now is truly the key to accomplishing this.

Make Certain He Knows That What You Feel For Him is Different

It’s impossible to know how much is too much to tell about your past. In most relationships we strive for full disclosure. We want the connection to be based on honesty and that includes frankness about any relationships that may have been significant that happened in the past.

However, you can never really know for certain how your man will eventually react to the news that you were involved with other men before him. Some guys take the information in stride and never give it a second thought, others allow the details to fester in their emotional core and it quickly becomes a source of unending conflict between the couple.

You can typically tell if your man is bothered by the news that you have indeed had a past before him. He’ll ask countless questions about your former lovers and he may even ask you to compare him to them. If this does indeed happen you must be very clear with your boyfriend that he is the only man you have ever felt so close to. You must make a point of expressing to him that you believe the connection you two share surpasses anything you had in the past. Make certain that your boyfriend understands that you feel that any experiences you may have had before meeting him were only to fill in your time until he walked into your life. Ensure he feels very special.

Encourage Him to Focus on The Present and The Future

If your boyfriend repeatedly wants to talk about your past relationships, switch the conversation to what you want to do now and tomorrow with him. Some men become so fixated on their girlfriend’s past that they can’t enjoy what is happening between them right now in the moment. You have to be the one to guide your man towards this enlightenment and you can do that by creating new experiences for both of you. Each and every time you say to your boyfriend, “I’ve never done that before,” he’ll feel he’s embarking on a new adventure that you’re only going to share with him. It doesn’t matter if it’s rock climbing or trying a new restaurant. The focus should be on creating new memories that only involve the two of you.

It’s also wise to gently tell him that you can’t change your past and that he needs to let it rest so it doesn’t create an enormous divide between the two of you. He may feel unable or unwilling to do that but it’s important that you stress to him that unless he does, the relationship can’t move forward.

Realize That His Insecurities Are Driving His Behavior

When a man asks a woman about her past, he’s typically doing so with an expectation that he’ll be able to handle whatever she shares. If the information reaches beyond the scope of what he expected to hear, it may push some vulnerability buttons within his ego.

Even if your other experiences were years and years ago, your man may take them as a personal challenge. He may wonder what you saw in other men and he may also take on the unreal idea that you should have waited for someone like him, or him, in particular.

If he asked about your past and you shared what you felt was appropriate in an honest and compassionate way, you can’t possibly control his reaction. You are not responsible for his bruised or threatened ego. You can’t carry with you the guilt that your confession changed the relationship. If your connection falters because of your honesty, that’s a clear indicator that your man’s ego matters more to him than honesty between you two.

There may come a point when you have to decide if you want to continue defending your past choices as you’re trying to build a new and meaningful connection with a man who seems stuck on your past. It’s important to remember that regardless of how much he may wish you could change your past, you can’t. If he can’t accept the woman you are now, including who you were in the past, that may be a sticking point you two can’t get past.

Sharing too much of your past can actually drive a wedge between you and your man that is near impossible to fix. There is a way to undo any mistake and get him back in love with you again.

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I Humiliated Myself in Front of My Ex Boyfriend! How to Remedy This Now

Is there anything more mortifying than making a fool of yourself in front of the ex boyfriend you still love? If you’ve done it, you’re likely going to say it’s the worst thing that can possibly happen to a woman. It’s not, not in the big picture of life, but it is awful in the moment and in the days and weeks that follow. You naturally start thinking that he’ll never forget what you’ve done or that he’ll run for the hills as fast as he can never to speak with you again. It’s likely not that bad at all. Depending on what you’ve done to humiliate yourself in front of your ex boyfriend, there’s always a way to redeem yourself. It just takes time, insight and the right approach.

In the majority of cases when a woman feels she’s humiliated herself in front of her ex it’s because she’s proclaimed her undying love to him and he’s responded by saying he’s not interested. Another common scenario is the woman who, in a desperate frenzy to recapture her ex boyfriend’s attention, calls him repeatedly or sends him hundreds of text messages. If you’ve done either of these things, you can take some comfort in the knowledge that you’re not alone. Many women before you have done the very same thing as have many women who will follow you. Emotions can make us do things we know aren’t smart, but our hearts take the lead and before we know it, we’ve embarrassed ourselves and we deeply regret it.

Own Your Behavior and Accept the Emotional Consequences

As much as you’d love to undo the act that led to your humiliation, you can’t. No amount of wishing, hoping or scheming is going to allow you to take back what you did. You’ve done it and now the best move you can possibly make is to own it. You have to accept that it’s happened and that it may have temporarily changed how your ex boyfriend views you. Keep in mind that emotions can be very fluid and even though your ex may see you as someone he doesn’t want to be around now, that can change in an instant if you take the right approach from today forward.

You must view this entire experience as one of a lesson learned. You realize how you feel now and that’s important. It’s the reminder of that feeling that will keep you from making the same mistake with your ex boyfriend in the future. He’s not perfect either so don’t allow your shame over humiliating yourself cloud that fact.

You can’t take back what happened so it’s best to let it go and look forward. Dwelling on what you did will only shine a spotlight on that and will make it impossible for you to interact with your ex boyfriend in any positive way. Realize that you’ve made a crucial mistake, let it go and look to the future.

Rise Above What You’ve Done and Show Him You’ve Changed

Obviously there’s a benefit to apologizing to your ex boyfriend for your unsatisfactory behavior. It shows that you’re mature enough to recognize your shortcomings. It also shines a very unwelcomed spotlight on an incident that you’d just as soon forget.

You need to weigh the benefit of offering amends versus trying to put the episode behind you. If you haven’t spoken to your ex boyfriend about what has happened, consider not bringing it up in the future. He may be just as desirous as you are regarding leaving it all in the past.

If he has continually pointed out what you did to humiliate yourself, an apology is going to be necessary. Do it in a very direct and genuine way. Tell him that you wish what happened, hadn’t, but you recognize your misstep and you’ve learned from it. This should be enough to show him that you don’t want to drag this into your future and it’s time to put it to rest.


Understand That a Person’s View of Us Can Change in an Instant

You may be worried that your ex boyfriend will never see you the same after you humiliated yourself. The fact is that he’s very likely to forget it if you invade his thoughts with much more positive interactions. By being mature and showing him that you refuse to be defined by what you did to embarrass yourself, he’ll find himself wanting to focus on the improved you and not on the you that was humiliated in his presence.

If you focus on moving forward and leaving the past where it belongs, he will be forced to follow suit. He’ll soon forget that uncomfortable interaction and he’ll begin to see you as a strong woman who can get over even the most trying of circumstances.

You just need to believe in yourself and believe in the idea that humiliating yourself isn’t the end of the world. It’s the beginning of a life lesson that you will carry with you in any future relationship you will have with your ex as well as the rest of your life.

There is a way to change your ex boyfriend’s view of you and make him want to be with you again. You can right the mistake and have the life you want with your ex.

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How to Get a Leo Man to Forgive You? Tips You Absolutely Need

You’ve done it. You’ve gone and ruined a wonderful relationship and you don’t know what you can do now to fix it. That sounds a lot like what you’re dealing with at the moment, doesn’t it? You and your Leo man have had a falling out and you’ve taken all the blame on yourself. It’s understandable. As women we often do that. But now you’re faced with an uncertain romantic future with the man you adore. You wish you knew what you could do to get him to forgive you, but you’re at a loss. Thankfully there are very simple steps you can begin taking today to smooth out the rough patch you and your special Leo man are experiencing right now. If you do the right things, this entire episode will soon be a bitter part of your distant past.



Craft a Very Simple and Direct Apology

Leo men don’t have any use for women who are overly emotional. If you try and apologize by writing a long, very detailed letter explaining the motivation for your actions, he’s not likely to get past the first few sentences. It’s not that he isn’t interested, it’s just that he doesn’t want to get tangled up in any unnecessary emotions.

That’s why it’s essential that you simply tell him you’re sorry for what you’ve done. Typically there isn’t even a need for you to go into depth about what caused you to do what you did. You do need to say you’re sorry for your actions and mean it. That means that a very straightforward apology is always best when you’re dealing with a man born under this star sign. If he senses that you instinctively understand what you did wrong and you’re now regretting it, he’ll take satisfaction in that knowledge.

Show Him That You’ve Changed

One of the most devastating things that any woman can do to a Leo man is to be dishonest to him. If that’s what caused the rift between you two, you have an uphill battle waiting for you. That’s not to say that you can’t overcome this obstacle, but it will take determination and a lot of hard work.

To start that journey on the right foot it’s important that you follow up your apology with action. It’s simple enough to tell your guy you’re sorry but you absolutely must show him that you mean business. That essentially translates to you following up on your promise to correct your unacceptable behavior.

If you cheated on him, make yourself as available to him as you possibly can. If you insulted him, work hard at showing him that you didn’t mean what you said and if you’ve been pushing him repeatedly for a commitment that he’s not ready for, stop talking about anything more serious than dating.

You absolutely must focus your attention on correcting the problem and showing him, through determined action, that you are serious about changing.

Give Him Some Space to Himself

Sometimes a Leo man just needs a bit of space to decompress after a difficult episode with the women he loves. Although internally you feel driven to sort through what happened between you two, your guy may just need a few days, or a couple of weeks, to let the sharp edge of pain soften.

You must give him this and give it willingly. If you don’t allow him the emotional room he needs, you’re going to risk complicating the situation even more. Leo men are notoriously bad tempered but that anger typically won’t reveal itself unless the man in question feels triggered. That’s why you must respect him and allow him the opportunity to work through the disappointment, frustration or pain he’s feeling on his own.

Every couple must work through their own unique challenges in a way that best suits them. However, when you’re dealing with a Leo man don’t lose sight of his strong personality and his deep need to be loved.

We all make mistakes and your man will recognize that in time. As long as you own the mistake, work to correct it and make good on your promise not to do it again, you two can begin to rebuild the bruised bond so you can be closer than ever before.

If you’re feeling lost and are deeply concerned about your Leo man pulling back, there is a way to get him to want you back now. You don’t have to spend one more day worried about what he’s thinking or feeling. He’s your man, get him back in your arms now.

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I Think I Scared Him Off! What Your Next Step Should Be

I think I scared him off!” Gosh, that’s never something you want to be saying about a man you actually like, is it? As much as you want to believe that he’s actually as busy as he says he is, your heart is telling you that he’s been absent because you came on too strong. What did you do? Did you talk about marriage before he even suggested dating exclusively? Maybe you told him that you loved him before he was ready to hear it? Whatever it was you did, the end result is what you really have to deal with now. He’s made himself scarce, you’re panicking and that planned future you had with him is all disappearing into the mist. You’ve got two choices in this situation. You can either succumb to defeat and just let him sneak out of your life forever or you can reinvent yourself in his eyes. The latter sounds so much better, doesn’t it? You may have messed up but you definitely have a chance to redeem yourself.

Scaring off a man is much easier than most of us realize. The beginning stages of a relationship look very different from a male and a female perspective. When we of the female persuasion meet a man we are fond of we tell him because honesty is always the best policy, right? It is, but to an extent. If you come on too strong before he’s ready to hear it, he’ll run for the door as fast as his feet will carry him. The same is true if you let it be known on the first, second or even third date that you’re the marrying kind and you imagine that the babies you’ll lovingly make with him will be adorable. He will panic and the easiest way for any man to deal with relationship panic is to flee.

Now that you’ve been enlightened as to why you may have scared him off it’s time to undo this dating error. First and foremost, give him some time. Bombarding him with calls, emails or text messages telling him how sorry you were won’t cut it. Your behaviour will trump your words and all he’ll see is you trying harder than ever to get him to want you. You can’t allow this to happen.

Once a bit of time has passed, as in two or three weeks, call him up and keep it brief. If he doesn’t answer (and it’s very likely he won’t) leave a short message just saying that you wanted to see how he was, that you’ve been very busy and it would be great to catch up over a coffee at some point. The “at some point” part of this is crucial as it gives the impression that you’re not clambering to see him and that you’re not desperately trying to repair the already crumbling relationship.

Your message will probably be enough to intrigue him into calling you back. Again, no rushing to see him and no professing your desire to spend the rest of your days wrapped in his loving arms. Be calm and tell him that you’re busy through next week but you’d love to grab a coffee right after work in a couple of weeks. Don’t sound desperate and control your nervousness so you don’t sound too giddy to be hearing his voice. Then end the call and leave him alone until you meet.

By handling this delicate situation in this direct and non-threatening way you’re showing him that you’re not the lovesick fool who is running after him the way you used to. If you did indeed scare him off, your new, relaxed and uncommitted attitude will show him that he may have misread you initially. We all can change and showing the man you’re interested in that you can may be the saving grace you’ve been searching for.

If you truly do feel a special spark with a man, don’t allow your mistakes to ruin your chances for getting to know him better and for exploring your connection. We all mess up sometimes and there are actually several common relationship blunders that we, as women, are guilty of. It’s so difficult when a man pulls away because of something you did. Once you understand why men lose interest  it’s easy to shift the dynamic back to a more positive place.

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He Says His Feelings Have Changed! What to Do When Your Man Pulls Away

You’ve just been hit by what feels like a ton of bricks. The man you love, the only man you can envision your life with has just told you that his he’s fallen out of love with you or he doesn’t feel as close to you as he once did. It’s heartbreaking to be a woman in a position like this. Try as you might, you just can’t figure out what went wrong and why his feelings changed so dramatically. All you want to do is rewind time back to when he couldn’t get enough of you and told you he’d love you forever. Unfortunately, you have to face what is going on in your relationship and you need to make a decision. Do you accept that he’s pulling away or do you do everything within your power to get him back in love with you? The answer seems clear, doesn’t it? Why let him go if this is the one and only man for you?

If he says his feelings have changed take his word for it. Do not try and convince him that what he feels isn’t real or he’s just going through a bad patch and taking it out on you. A man typically won’t confess to falling out of love unless it’s something that he genuinely feels. You have to recognize that it’s happened and that the relationship as you knew it is now over. Unless you can do that, you won’t be able to take the necessary steps to make him want to be close to you again. Right now it all needs to be about you honouring what he’s feeling and respecting what he tells you. Hiding your head in the sand will not fix this.

Attempt to talk to him about what he’s feeling. This isn’t as simple as asking him what changed as he may not be able to answer that in an honest and sincere way. Emotions, particularly those of the romantic sort, are often so confusing that we have trouble identifying them or pinpointing them. He may tell you that he doesn’t know what changed or when it changed. Respect that he’s telling you the truth and isn’t trying to rub salt in your emotional wounds. If he is able to tell you when he does feel that things shifted, that that knowledge and use it as you move forward. Learn from whatever your boyfriend shares with you.

Rebuilding a relationship isn’t easy but it’s certainly far from impossible. There are a few methods that are worth trying first because doing them will only prove beneficial to you and to him. The first is to just take a breather from all the drama and make a decision to not talk with him for a couple of weeks. This is going to feel incredibly hard and trust me, it is, but it’s worth putting in the effort to do it. The time apart will be a purging for you both. You’ll have time to consider what you’re really feeling and he will as well. Often, just the absence of one another is enough of a catalyst to bring you back together.

It’s important that you try and look within when you want to make your man fall back in love with you. No one is perfect and we all could use some self improvements. Look inside of yourself and think about what you’d like to change and then focus your energy on that. Your goal is to show your man that you can make strides to be a better woman and potential partner to him. That alone will help him see just what a treasure you are.

If he says his feelings have changed, don’t panic. You have the power to save your relationship.

Sometimes a man will pull back because of a slight mistake a woman has unknowingly made. If you feel you may have done anything to make him fall out of love, learn how to change that now by clicking here.

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Everything I Do Annoys My Boyfriend! Why This Happens in Many Relationships

Everything I do annoys my boyfriend.” That statement normally wouldn’t make you bat an eyelash, save for the fact that it’s you saying it, right? It’s horrible, isn’t it? You’re crazy about a man who seems intent on criticizing everything about you. You feel like you’re walking on egg shells at every turn and it certainly never feels as though you’re doing anything even remotely right. Is it really a satisfying relationship if that’s what you have to face on a daily basis? Don’t you wish you could understand why your boyfriend is always annoyed with you? You can understand and by doing so it can give you the knowledge you need to effectively deal with this difficult situation. Before your self esteem takes another step backwards, it’s time for you to learn why your boyfriend seems to be your biggest critic.

There are several main reasons why men suddenly go from attentive, caring partners to overly critical ones.

He just doesn’t care as much about you as he once did. Men will often start berating the woman they are involved with if some of the affection has disappeared. These men no longer feel a need to be compassionate and caring because they just don’t worry about whether you’re going to take it to heart or not. If you think back to when you and your guy first connected, he was likely complimentary about just about everything related to you. That’s because he truly did love you for who you were and accepted everything about you even those small things you may consider flaws. Remember when he used to tell you that he loved that you snorted when you laughed or he found the clothes strewn everywhere in your apartment charming? Now those small issues are becoming fodder for his overly critical nature because he doesn’t love you the way he once did.

His annoyance with you is a tool for his revenge. Most of us are great at holding a grudge. It’s a natural talent that we all have if we feel we’ve been wronged. If you and your boyfriend had a drag out, no-holds barred argument and he feels that you got the upper hand, he may be resenting you. That resentment can manifest itself in many ways including coming out as annoyance. If all of this negative behavior on his part began after you two faced a major conflict that may be the culprit.

His own self esteem needs a boost. A lack of self esteem can make people do crazy things. It can cause people to act out by dressing provocatively in an effort to get attention. Some people become loud and obnoxious just because they crave to be the center of attention. Berating others is another coping tool that some individuals use to boost up their own self esteem. They may not even realize they are doing it which could be the case with your boyfriend. This sometimes happens if a couple is a bit mismatched. For instance, if the woman is drop dead gorgeous and her boyfriend is lacking in looks, he may take to demeaning her to make himself feel more attractive. It happens as well if the woman is more intellectually gifted or has a more vibrant personality. If his ego is lacking and your presence makes him feel even smaller, he may subconsciously feel the need to cut you down just to feel accepting of who he is.

He truly is bothered by some of the things you choose to do. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in this big, wide world who would define the word “perfect.” Perfection is an illusion and fortunately none of us are so short sighted that we can’t see and embrace our flaws. If you are doing things that you know get under your boyfriend’s skin, he may be somewhat justified in getting annoyed with you. Take for instance if you tend to play your music loudly when you’re working out while he’s simply trying to work. Or maybe you’re notoriously bad at remembering to put things away where they belong. If your boyfriend has pet peeves and you don’t respect them, he may feel justified in getting upset with you. Consider whether you’re pushing him in a negative way before he sounds off at you.

Regardless of why your boyfriend is annoyed with you frequently, don’t allow it to rule the relationship. Also, don’t permit his insults or opinion to influence you in any negative way. Our partner’s view of us can define who we are and sadly, if their view isn’t a complimentary one, it can damage self esteem in very detrimental ways.

If you are always annoying your boyfriend, that’s reason for real concern in your relationship.

If you worry that you’ve made a mistake with your boyfriend, you need to address it now before it permanently damages your relationship with him.

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I Want to Mend Things with My Boyfriend! How to Fix Your Relationship

Your boyfriend and you are going through a rough patch, right? It’s worse than a rough patch though, isn’t it? It feels more like a long and very bumpy and unsteady road. All relationships have their ebbs and flows but when your relationship starts to have many more bad days than good, you’re bound to see a break up on the horizon. You can’t expect it to last if you aren’t getting along. Part of you probably just wants to bury your head in the sand with the hope that fate will step in and rectify all that is wrong so you two can get back to loving each other. That’s not going to happen. This is clearly a situation in which you need to take control and fix things. If you’re saying to yourself, “I want to mend things with my boyfriend,” today is the perfect day to start your journey towards that. If this relationship is important to you, all the time and effort in the world is worth it to save it.

In order to mend things with your boyfriend you’re going to have to admit to what you did wrong. Maybe you feel that the tension and distance between you two is his entire fault but that’s not generally the way relationships work. It takes two people to make things successful and fulfilling and it takes the same two people to bring the relationship down into the dumps. You contributed in some way to the problems you two are facing and the sooner you come to that realization and own it, the sooner you can mend things with your boyfriend.

Determine what you feel is the main problem between you two. It may be anything from a conflict in the past that has yet to be resolved to one of you blatantly flirting with someone else. Once you’re able to identify the issue, you can then take steps to remedy it. Begin doing that by speaking to your boyfriend about the issue. This has to be a calm and honest discussion. You can’t approach him on a day when you’re boiling over with anger or filled with sadness and on the brink of tears. It’s also critical that you don’t come at him from a place of negativity. If you start blaming him for everything that is wrong with the relationship, he may quickly decide that the level of conflict just isn’t worth the trouble and that break up you’ve been dreading will become an instant reality.

Once you two have discussed the problem you both must resolve to do better in the future. This is often a case of showing your man how it’s done. If you can work on improving who you are as a partner, and he senses and sees that, he’ll want to follow suit and do the same. It takes endless compassion and understanding to make a relationship thrive and sometimes, we, as women, have to set the bar. Work had to avoid the issue that caused you two to become distant. If you do that and keep the lines of communication wide open, your relationship will become much stronger than it’s ever been before.

There are ways you can mend things with your boyfriend before the relationship takes a damaging turn for the worse.

If you’ve made any mistake that you feel may have contributed to your relationship falling apart, you can fix it before it’s too late by clicking here.

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My Boyfriend is Having Doubts About Us! How to Save Your Relationship with Him

When you’re in a relationship you obviously want your guy to feel the same way about you as you do about him. That’s understandable, right? If you adore him, it’s a great feeling when he tells you that he can’t live without you or he’d do anything to make you smile. We all wish for a connection like that in our lives and when we feel we have it, we’ll do just about anything to hold onto it forever. What happens when your boyfriend is having doubts about the two of you? Once you realize that he’s questioning whether the relationship is really what he wants, it can completely derail you. Don’t allow that to happen. If he has indeed told you that he’s unsure about what he’s feeling, stay calm and centered. If you handle yourself in just the right way, you can banish away all his doubts and create a lasting and strong emotional bond between the two of you.

If your boyfriend is having doubts listen to what he has to say. Men aren’t always that willing to express openly what they feel. They fear that it makes them vulnerable or less masculine. If you can create an environment where your boyfriend feels good about telling you what he’s feeling, even if it’s hard for him, your relationship will already be in a stronger place. Explain to him that you understand that he’s unsure about the future but you’d like to talk about what is causing him to feel that. Then actually listen and allow him the opportunity to share even if it’s hurtful to you. If you can manage this, you’ll have gained a lot more insight into what’s going on in his heart and that’s going to benefit you tremendously.

Once you have a deeper understanding of what he’s been feeling, you can start to make some positive changes that will pull him closer to you again. One of those changes shouldn’t be continually telling him that you adore him. If a woman comes on too strong, it can actually push her guy away. You should make it clear that even though his feelings may have shifted, your feelings haven’t and you are still hopeful for a future with him.  Don’t belabour this point but instead just express it clearly once so he understands.

Sometimes a man will begin to have doubts because he has reached a point in his relationship where he’s simply bored with the life he’s built with his girlfriend. You can typically tell if that’s what your guy is feeling if he says things like, “we never do anything anymore,” or “I wish things were the way they used to be.” Although you can’t recreate the early days of your romance, you can show him that you’re willing to change for the better. Be more spontaneous and create experiences for him that you know will get his adrenaline running again. That might be a weekend getaway to go hiking or perhaps some time exploring a new city. As long as you do it together, he’ll start to feel a new bond with you and those doubts he had will vanish.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

If you still need and want him don’t leave your future with him to chance, there are ways to get him to want you again more than before.

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My Boyfriend and I Fight All the Time! How to Change This Before You Break Up

Relationships don’t always move along as smoothly as we’d like. It’s inevitable that a couple that spends a great deal of their time together is eventually going to run into a few rough patches. Arguments are par for the course when you’re in love with a man and in the case of a normal trivial conflict; you both air your opinion, reach a consensus on who is right or wrong and then move on to the makeup part of the itinerary.  What happens if those arguments become more and more frequent? What can a woman do if her number one complaint is, “my boyfriend and I fight all the time!” If you could be saying that statement about your relationship at the moment, you need to make some changes before the bickering pulls the two of you apart for good.

If you and your boyfriend can’t seem to agree on anything, you need to take a step back emotionally and look at the relationship objectively. Typically when a couple is facing ongoing conflict it has little to do with the small matters they’re arguing about. It’s usually about something more serious. It may be that one of you is feeling emotionally disconnected from the other and you resent that. Or perhaps there’s a major conflict and because you two can’t find a solution, you just squabble about everything and anything. You need to work hard to identify what is pulling you two apart. Once you’re able to do that, it’s then time to start rebuilding the peace and quiet.

Talk to your boyfriend about what you feel is the major problem. Do this at a time when you’re not focused on another issue that you can’t agree on. This has to be a calm discussion and you both need to be level headed during it. Don’t be accusatory at all. You don’t want him to feel that you’re backing him into a corner or blaming him exclusively for the issues that are plaguing the two of you. Keep calm and stay focused on the issue that you believe is tearing you two apart.

It’s also important that you two work towards finding a better way to communicate with one another. When two strong willed people find themselves at a crossroads it’s understandable that tempers would flare. Passionate people tend to be passionate about everything including defending their own opinion. Some couples find a great deal of success with the idea of writing out their concerns and addressing them through email or text. This allows for a tempered response and also it ensures that you have time to think about what words you want to use not just the words that are driven by your anger in the moment. Ask your boyfriend if he feels that this may be something you two should try for a time just to see if it helps with preserving your connection.

If you and your boyfriend argue too much you need to find a way to change that. Any conflict in a relationship can spell the beginning of the end.

Click here to learn how to erase this mistake with your man so you two can get back to a loving place.


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My Boyfriend Says I’m Not Affectionate Enough! What You Need to Do Now

You want to be the perfect girlfriend. Every woman does. You never want to hear your boyfriend complaining about the way you act. It stings hearing the person you love most in the world being critical about you. It’s even more painful if he’s been telling you that he feels neglected or unloved. Hearing yourself telling a friend, “my boyfriend says I’m not affectionate enough,” is humiliating and humbling. If your man has complained that you don’t show him enough love, change has to be in your future. If you don’t address this major concern of his in a timely and hasty manner, he may just start looking for someone more willing to shower him with affection.

Physical affection is important for any romantic relationship. To many people, including many men, it’s just as important as sharing emotional affection. If your guy craves holding your hand, or kissing you and you’re not always open to that, he’s eventually going to feel rejected and that’s never something you want to have happen. He likely wouldn’t be expressing his desire to have more affection if he felt he was getting enough. Obviously, he wants more from you and since your girlfriend, it’s up to you to supply it.

This can be somewhat challenging to a woman who isn’t all that comfortable with affection. Many of us are brought up in an environment where physical affection is frowned on. As a result we may become a bit uncomfortable with the idea of being affectionate or we may simply be self conscious about it. If that’s the case with you it’s important to learn now to embrace those experiences and start enjoying them for all the positives they bring to your life.

Begin by being more affectionate in a subtle or innocent way. You can start by holding your boyfriend’s hand more. If you’re not at ease doing it in public, start by doing it while you two are at home or in a restaurant that isn’t crowded. A small act of caring like this will mean a lot to your boyfriend. In time, you’ll discover that it feels natural to reach for his hand and you’ll take comfort in his touch.

From there it’s all about expanding your horizons. When you’re sitting next to him, rest your hand on his thigh or his back. Give him a shoulder massage one evening when he’s had a particularly stressful day. You can even snuggle up to him while you two are sitting together watching television. Small gestures like this, on your part, will help your boyfriend see that you are making a real effort to give him what he wants and needs from the relationship and from you. It’s a good way to ensure that he finds the fulfillment he seeks with you.

If a woman isn’t affectionate enough in her relationship, her man may create emotional distance. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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