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Can You Convince a Man to Get Married?

Can you convince a man to get married? The quick answer to that question is, yes, you can. The caveat to the answer is why would you want to? If you desperately want a commitment from your man and he’s resistant to that, pushing him to get married to you is only going to result in you forever wondering if he would have ever popped the question on his own. Although it’s not advisable to try and convince him to marry you, persuading him to is a whole different ball game and one you may just want to brush up on. If you’re tired of waiting impatiently for the proposal you believe you’re destined to get, you actually can take measures to show your boyfriend why marrying you is the best thing for him.

The main difference between trying to convince a man to marry you and persuading him to is the approach. Convincing him is obviously going to take a lot of effort on your part. You’d have to talk to him until you’re blue in the face about why marrying you is a great thing. There would come a point where you’d feel very much like a used car salesman, attempting to make the sale. Working this hard at trying to get a man to want to be with you for the long term is insulting. You’ll end up questioning whether he truly wants to be with you. After all, getting a commitment shouldn’t require all that much convincing, right?

In order to persuade him to marry you, you’re going to have to do a lot less selling and a whole lot more focusing. The focus for you isn’t going to be on him and trying to get him to want to commit to you. It’s instead going to be on you.

In virtually all dating relationships, a point is reached where a proposal is the next logical step. If you’re fortunate that proposal comes quickly. If you’re not, you could ultimately wait months, if not years for it. You don’t want that to happen.

That’s why shifting the focus in the relationship is so essential. If you start spending more of your time planning your own future, and less time worrying over whether that future includes him, he’ll notice a change in your attitude almost instantly.

You do need to be subtle about this. The best way is to stop seeing him every night. Make other plans at least a few nights a week. Stop telling him everything that is going on in your life. Hold back a bit. This shows him that you feel disconnected from him. Lastly, don’t consult him on every decision you make anymore. You don’t need to and by doing so in the past, you were creating a closeness that should have been reserved for marriage.

It won’t take him long to get the hint that you’re not going to continue to wait endlessly for him to propose to you. He’ll feel you slipping away from you which is much more powerful than you trying to push him into a commitment.

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Commitment Problems – What’s a Woman to Do if Her Guy Won’t Commit?

You’ve got commitment problems. You probably never imagined this would happen to you. You love your boyfriend, you know that he loves you, yet the man won’t take the relationship to the next level. You’ve asked him about it and he’s got several reasons why he just can’t commit. Maybe it’s because he thinks he’s too young, perhaps he doesn’t feel he’s established financially or maybe he just says he’s fearful of that level of seriousness. The reason doesn’t really matter. The fact that he won’t commit to you does.

Dealing with commitment problems is never easy. Society has taught us how important it is for us to share everything we feel with the man in our lives. We want to because it’s important for the relationship to move forward, right? The problem is that if he’s stuck his heels in the sand on the issue of commitment and you continue to push him relentlessly by talking about it all the time, he’ll refuse even more. By then it’s becoming a battle of the wills and he doesn’t want to be perceived as weak by giving in. If this has been your strategy, change it now.

The current dynamic of your relationship may actually have a lot to do with why your man won’t commit to you. Women often take on the role of the giver in their relationships. In their effort to win their guy’s heart they give it their all. Their all is often way too much. If your guy knows that you would literally do anything for him because you’ve told him, he knows that you’re head over heels for him. In his mind there’s absolutely no reason to commit to you because you’re already his. If he senses that he can do no wrong in your eyes and that you’ll stick around for the long haul with or without a commitment, he’s not going to give you one anytime soon.

So what’s a woman to do if her guy won’t commit to her? She has to seriously look at what she wants out of the relationship and how long she’s willing to wait to get it. If he shows absolutely no signs of wanting to commit to you within the next couple of years, consider taking a break. Some time apart can dramatically change each partner’s view of the other and of the importance of the relationship. Who knows? He may realize while you two are apart that he truly can’t live without you. If that’s the case, his attitude about commitment and all that goes with it will change too.

You don’t have to continue to deal with commitment problems.

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I Want Him to Marry Me! Get Your Guy to Marry You Using This Surprising Tactic

I want him to marry me. You’ve said it. You’re not alone. Many of us have done the very same thing when we’ve been with a man for some time and marriage seems to be the very last thing on his mind or his agenda. How incredibly frustrating is it to be involved with a man you adore who just won’t move beyond the dating phase? You feel confused, a little rejected and it’s certainly understandable if you even reach a point where you begin to question your own appeal. Obviously, you need to change the situation or you two will be still boyfriend and girlfriend when you plan your retirement.

If you’ve said, “I want him to marry me,” more than once, it’s too many times. When you’re in a relationship and you feel that it’s reached a point where marriage is the next logical step, hopefully your man is on the same page as you. If he’s not and you continually find yourself trying to convince him to get engaged or even consider the idea of marriage, that’s a problem. You’re demeaning yourself when you start nagging him about marrying you. Think about it for a moment. Do you really want to have to bully your boyfriend into becoming your husband? Of course not!

Words generally don’t work in a situation like this. You can talk until you’re red in the face to your boyfriend about marrying you. If he doesn’t want to, it won’t change a thing. Actions are what you need and there are particular actions that will make him realize that being your husband is exactly what he wants and needs.

Right now, in his mind, things are likely close to perfect. He loves you and he knows you love him. Perhaps you do bring up the idea of marriage too much for his liking, but chances are good that he’s learned how to tune you out. He has everything he wants and he doesn’t need to take the relationship to the next level. If you’ve told him that you want to be with him forever and you see the two of you growing old together, he doesn’t necessarily see a need for marriage to be part of that. In other words, his life is near perfect and he sees no reason to change anything.

That’s why you need to shake things up a bit. You absolutely must change your focus from being his girlfriend to being an independent woman. Start making more decisions on your own. Go out with your friends more and don’t be as quick to jump into plans with your guy. If he wants you to always be there for him, he has to learn that, for you, that means an engagement ring and wedding. A little distance is often all that a woman has to use to get her guy to pop the question so they can get on with their happily-ever-after future.

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Tips for Getting Your Man to Propose – Methods to Make Him Crave a Commitment with You

Getting your man to propose may become something of a challenge if your boyfriend is hesitant about the idea of marriage. It’s disheartening for a woman to be in love with a man who says he loves her but won’t take the relationship to the next level. Waiting endlessly for an engagement ring can lead to a whole host of negative feelings. You can start to feel rejected, sad and confused. If you’re growing weary of your boyfriend’s refusal to pop the question, there are things you can do that will change his mind. You can get the man you love to want to marry you just as badly as you want to marry him.

Trying to push a man into marriage is an exhausting endeavor in every way. Emotionally it doesn’t take long until you feel spent if you’re using all your energy to get someone to commit more to you. Once he realizes how hard you’re pushing him, he’s just going to push you back, even harder. He’ll dig his heels in and you’re never going to get that proposal you want.

You’d actually help him to feel more open to the idea of committing if you stop bringing it up. Throw away all the bridal magazines that you have sitting around your home and forget about talking about which of your friends are getting married this year. You need to remove marriage and any related word from your vocabulary for now. This will help him to relax. That’s what you need to have happen if you’re looking for a marriage proposal.

One mistake that our generation makes that many women before us haven’t is we share so much of ourselves before marriage. We think nothing of devoting ourselves entirely to our boyfriends. If he says he loves us and one day he’ll probably marry us, we begin acting like his wife right away. If your man feels like you two are already a married couple because he knows in his heart that you are completely his, he sees no reason to go that extra step and take all that trouble to get married. He already has everything he wants and that’s you.

That’s why so many women find it helpful to pull back a bit. We’ve all heard the ages old advice of playing hard to get. It works whether you’re dating, wanting to be married or married. If a man feels his woman slowly slipping out of his grasp, he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back. In the case of a couple on the brink of an engagement, he’ll pop the question. You need to show your boyfriend that you’re not content being his girlfriend forever. You can accomplish that most effectively by creating a bit of distance between you two. Do that and he’ll seriously reconsider the idea of being your husband.

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