My Boyfriend Never Texts Me Back! Handling This the Right Way

It’s happened yet again. You’ve sent your boyfriend a text and it’s been hours now and there’s absolutely no response. You know he got it, yet he deliberately decided to ignore it. You feel confused, angry and a little bit hurt. You don’t understand why the man can’t take just a moment to acknowledge your message by sending you a text back. Yet he seems oblivious to the fact that his behavior is rude and disrespectful. If you’re like most women, you’re going to take the direct approach and call him out on it. You’ll tell him that it hurts you when he ignores your text messages and you don’t feel important to him. Inside you’re going to feel justified doing this because you know that honest and open communication is the key to a lasting relationship, right? The problem is that each time you bring up the fact that he hasn’t texted you back, your guy is forming a vision within his mind of you being an increasingly bothersome nag.

Stop Sending Him Random Text Messages Now

Each time you send your boyfriend a text message, when he’s ignored the last one, you’re showing him that you’re desperate for his attention. That’s certainly not the way you want him to see you, is it? You want your guy to envision you as a strong, capable woman who is worthy of his utter devotion. You’re never going to get him to see you in that light, let alone treat you in that way, if you keep sending him text message after text message that is ignored.

You can lay the groundwork for a change right now by stopping what you’ve been doing. Don’t send him another text message until you hear back from him. You’re going to find this difficult given the fact that you likely have things you want to share with him. Make a note of those things but don’t text him about them. You can mention them later, in person, when you have his full and undivided attention.

The man has proven that he’s callous with your feelings by ignoring the messages you have been sending. That means that you have to show him how you want him to behave with you. The first step in that lesson is pulling back from him, beginning with no messages. Just vow to yourself that you aren’t going to send another and then stick to it.

Treat Him More as a Friend Than a Boyfriend

You love this man, but his decision to not answer your text messages, is a sign that he doesn’t value the things you are sharing with him. You need to shift the relationship to a place where he’ll begin to rediscover the value in you. The easiest and most effective way to accomplish that is to treat him more as a casual friend than a boyfriend.

You shouldn’t make a major announcement to him signifying your decision to treat him less like a boyfriend. If you do that, you’re completely defeating the purpose. You have to make the shift so subtle that he’ll begin to question whether he’s imagining things.

A good example of how you can accomplish this is to be very cordial with him when he calls, but always be the one to end the conversation first. Tell him that you have plans and you’re just heading out the door but you’ll catch up with him soon. He’ll be baffled.

Also, if he does suddenly start answering your text messages again (and he more than likely will) take your time responding. It’s best to wait several hours or even a day before you text him back and then keep it quick and simple too. Don’t tell him you miss or love him and don’t ask him if he wants to hang out. Your goal is to show him that you’re not going to chase after him anymore.

Get Busy Enjoying Your Own Life

A woman who is unbelievably attractive is also very interesting. If you spend your entire day focused on your boyfriend and sharing each and every mundane occurrence with him, he’s going to bore with you very quickly. That may very well be part of the reason why he’s never texting you back. He’s simply tired of hearing how you don’t do much of anything other than thinking of him.

You have to make yourself less available to him and more available to yourself. In other words, it’s time to embrace your life again. Do that by spending more time with your friends, pursuing your own interests and even looking for a new career path. If you have found yourself obsessing over your boyfriend and he’s become the focal point of your life, that’s not good at all. You have to shift that starting now.

Plan some evening events with your friends. Get out and have fun and leave your cell phone at home so your boyfriend can’t reach you. Obviously, you’re not going to do anything that would jeopardize your relationship with him, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with hanging out with some girlfriends, laughing and just enjoying yourself.

The fuller your life is, the more interesting and intriguing you’ll become to your boyfriend. If he doesn’t have your full attention, he’ll start chasing after you again and you can be certain that will include lots of text messages being sent from him to you.

There is a way to get your man to love you more than you ever thought possible. You can have the devoted, committed, and loving relationship you always dreamed of with the man you adore.



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