What Men Expect From Women? 5 Things Your Guy Wants From You

We all have expectations for the people in our lives. In our workplace we expect our colleagues to treat us with respect and we return that favor. In the case of our everyday interactions we expect strangers we cross paths with to be cordial and courteous. There’s a different level of expectation that is born out of a romantic relationship. As a woman you expect certain things from your man and he has a silent list of expectations for you as well. Are you aware of what they are? It’s likely you’re not because most men don’t lay out, in simple form, what they want and hope their partner will bring to their lives. Fortunately, you can gain that insight on your own so you know how better to meet his needs and keep the relationship on a positive track.

There are specific things your man wants from you including:

Honesty. This is a big one. Betrayal is something that most men can’t shoulder. If you tell him a small white lie and he discovers the untruth you can expect the relationship to crumble. It doesn’t matter if the deception centered on why you couldn’t see him or if it was because you were interested in another man. A lie, any lie, is a deal breaker for most men. Keep everything in line with the truth and you’ll already be fulfilling one of the most important expectations he has.

Fidelity. This should go without saying but it’s a crucial part of a healthy, balanced relationship. If you expect fidelity from him, he’s expecting the very same from you. There’s no bigger blow to a man’s ego than to discover that the woman he loves has chosen to spend time with another man. Stay true to him and if you feel you can’t, tell him and end the relationship. He wants and needs you to be devoted to him.

Emotional support. Just as we need emotional support from the man we’re involved with, he needs the same from you. Men may not be as transparent when it comes to showing what they feel, but they certainly can be just as sensitive, if not more, than we are. He wants to believe that you are always in his corner and will always have his back. Prove to him that’s the case by being in tune with his feelings. Talk to him regularly about what he feels and make certain he knows that you’re always available if, and when, he needs you.

Friendship. Sure your guy already has his buddies to spend time with but he needs friendship from you as well. When a couple are friends, their romantic relationship has even more depth. Their connection runs through many layers and they share more. We all need a close friend to confide in at times when life throws curve balls our way. If you can become this to your man, he’ll feel grateful for your presence in his life. Be a friend when he needs you to be.

Understanding. Men can get into nasty moods, just as we do. Most of us are programmed to want to understand why our guy is acting in a negative way so we chase him around wanting to know what’s wrong. He needs you to understand that sometimes he just has to be quiet or sullen or alone. Each time a man is in a grumpy mood that doesn’t automatically mean it’s because of his relationship. Give him space to work through his own feelings. If he wants to talk with you, he will. Men expect the women in their lives to allow them the chance to sort through things on their own. Do that for him, and he’ll be eternally grateful.

By gaining a firmer understanding of what your man expects from you, you can strengthen the connection you two share almost instantaneously. Always remember that even though men and women are incredibly different in love and romance they want many of the same things. Chances are if you’re expecting something from him, he’s expecting the very same thing from you.

Every woman has the power to make her man fall in love with her. You can have a deep, undying emotional connection with him.

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