Is Staying Friends with an Ex Boyfriend a Good Idea? The Direct Answer Women Need

Is staying friends with an ex boyfriend a good idea? That’s the question you wish you knew the answer to. Your heart is ready, willing and able to give you an answer but you’re unsure whether it’s offering the best advice, right? You still have feelings for your ex so is just being friends really going to offer you anything positive or is it going to make your life even that much harder? The real answer to the question of whether being friends with an ex is the right thing to do depends on what your future hopes for the relationship are, if any.

If you envision a romantic reunion between you and your ex boyfriend then it’s safe to say that staying friends is something you absolutely must be doing. Many women scoff at the idea of being friends with a man they were once in love with. They worry that they won’t be able to shift their emotions from that of being deeply in love to a platonic friendship. You really shouldn’t focus too heavily on the part about just having to be friends. Instead, you need to be looking at a potential friendship with your ex boyfriend as a bridge to something more in the future. By maintaining a connection with him you are effectively keeping a window of emotion open. You can use the friendship as a means to build more as time goes on. Once he sees you as a trusted and supportive friend, he’ll open himself up to more in the future.

By the same token, if you aren’t in search of a romantic relationship with him, being friends may just be prolonging the inevitable. Many couples struggle to separate from one another after a break up. They just can’t seem to let one another go regardless of how much conflict they face with each other. Even though you may feel that a future without him is scary and unfamiliar, if you don’t want to be a couple again, it may be best to break all ties. There are emotions that come with being friends with an ex and they can become quite confusing if left unattended. One of you may eventually develop feelings for the other again which can lead to an awkward and sudden goodbye. Consider whether staying friends with your ex is really going to bring something positive to your life or not.

It can be hard to identify exactly what you feel if the break up was recent. If that’s the case, keep the idea of being friends on the backburner for now. Take a bit of time away from one another to really get in touch with your own heart and your own expectations of what your personal future holds. By clearing your mind in this way you’ll find it easier to understand whether or not a future with him is in your own best interests. If it is, pursue a friendship for now. If it’s not, let him know that you feel it best if you both move forward towards happier lives apart.

Staying friends with your ex boyfriend can be a powerful way to get him back in love with you.

There is a way to get him to love you again if you’re certain that a future with your ex is really what you want.


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