My Ex Asked if I Still Love Him! Why You Shouldn’t Read Too Much into This

Your ex asked if you still love him. Since then you haven’t been able to think of anything but that. If you’re still crazy about him, you probably jumped at the chance to scream “yes!” I’m guessing that you took his inquiry as a sign of his realization that you’re the woman he’s supposed to be with, right? It’s expected that you would. You’ve probably been waiting breathlessly since the break up for him to come to his senses and want you back. The problem is that his question doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all. You need to understand his state of mind before you start jumping to the conclusion that he wants you back.

When a break up occurs, it’s not uncommon for one person to get stuck emotionally in that moment in time. They can’t move forward because they firmly believe that the break up should never have happened. Obviously this person is the one who was dumped. If you’re a woman who wears that title, you’ve really got to consider how your boyfriend felt when he ended his relationship with you. He wouldn’t have done it if he felt close to you or connected to you in a deep emotional sense. As much as you want to make yourself believe that he dumped you because he was so in love with you that it scared him, that’s just not true. He left you because he wasn’t in love with you anymore.

Ego can have an amazing power over a person’s actions. It may have been the driving force behind why your boyfriend asked the question he did. He may have wanted a small boost to his ego so he asked if you still loved him. If you said, “yes” it will make him feel great about himself. Think about that logically for just a moment. If you’re a guy and you dumped a girl you know cared for you and weeks, months or even years later you ask if she still loves you and she does, you’re going to feel pretty great about yourself. You’ve proven to yourself that she still desires and wants you even though you treated her horribly. So, in other words, you’ve played right into your ex boyfriend’s ego fest by telling him that you do still care.

A man’s actions always speak much louder than his words. If your ex boyfriend wants to know if you still adore him because he has lingering feelings for you, his actions will suggest that. He’ll be trying to reconnect with you by calling you often, asking to see you and genuinely being a good and supportive friend to you. If he suddenly popped up just to ask if you still wanted him, it’s all about him and has nothing to do with him not being able to let you go.

Be wary of your ex. It’s direct advice that you need to follow. The two of you went through a very painful experience together and now you need to protect your heart. That has to be your absolute number one priority. Don’t jump to any conclusions if he asks about your feelings. Be careful how you answer, if you haven’t already and don’t count on a big emotional reunion with him. It may never happen. Just continue being a strong, confident and independent woman. If he truly does feel something romantic for you still, he’ll pursue you. Don’t chase after him. If he rejects you that may be a mistake you’ll struggle years to recover from.

Remember that just because your ex asked if you still love him that doesn’t automatically mean he loves you.

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