Did He Ever Really Love Me? Break Up Advice for Women

Did he ever really love me?” That’s the question you can’t seem to get out of your mind, isn’t it? You and your boyfriend are history. The break up was beyond painful and now you’re questioning the entire relationship. You wonder why he seems so content not being with you anymore. You also can’t help question whether or not he really meant it when he said he loved you. It’s completely normal and natural for you to doubt his feelings since he’s move on towards a new life so effortlessly. Beating yourself up emotionally isn’t going to help. You have to learn how to let all those questions go but obviously you can’t turn to him for help. This is one time where you have to look within to find the answers you need and the strength to move closer to a new beginning.

Trying to determine whether or not your former boyfriend loved you is really nothing more than an exercise in frustration and heartbreak. Relationships often go through a series of ebbs and flows. Feelings change over the course of time so it’s important to recognize that even though your boyfriend may have loved you very deeply at one point that could have changed as things progressed. If he told you on the day you two broke up that he no longer loved you don’t absorb that to mean that he never cared for you. It only means that at the moment he decided to end the relationship he wasn’t as emotionally invested in you as he once was.

It’s crucial for a woman in your position to see the positive in the break up. That seems like a ridiculous proposition at this point, but it’s vital that you keep an open heart and mind. If you still feel emotionally connected to your ex, it’s obviously very hard to let him go and to try and see the promise of a future relationship with someone new. However, you must pick and pull apart the old relationship to find the ways in which you grew as a woman and a partner. Try not to see the ending of the relationship as a failure. It’s not. Instead view it as an experience and embrace it for what it was.

Think clearly about what you’ve learned about yourself since you and your ex boyfriend first got together. Perhaps you’ve developed more patience or tolerance for the habits he had that used to get under your skin. Maybe you’ve learned how to communicate in a much more effective way than before you two met. Now is really the time for you to consider how you’ve grown as a person and to be grateful for that.

Although it’s common for a woman in your position to wonder if your ex really did love you, try to put that in the back of your mind. Trust in the fact that he did indeed love you when he said he did. View the relationship ending and his feelings changing as part of the course of your journey together. If you can do that, you’ll leave the relationship behind you with the knowledge that you are a better woman because of it and you’ll be ready, willing and able to embrace any new romance that is headed your way.

Regardless of how much you wonder about whether your ex boyfriend loved you, it can’t change what happened between the two of you.

If you’re unwilling or emotionally unable to let him go, there is something you can do to reignite his interest again. If you’re certain that the break up was indeed a mistake and you two are destined to build a future together, visit this informative site.

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