My Boyfriend Says I’m Not Affectionate Enough! What You Need to Do Now

You want to be the perfect girlfriend. Every woman does. You never want to hear your boyfriend complaining about the way you act. It stings hearing the person you love most in the world being critical about you. It’s even more painful if he’s been telling you that he feels neglected or unloved. Hearing yourself telling a friend, “my boyfriend says I’m not affectionate enough,” is humiliating and humbling. If your man has complained that you don’t show him enough love, change has to be in your future. If you don’t address this major concern of his in a timely and hasty manner, he may just start looking for someone more willing to shower him with affection.

Physical affection is important for any romantic relationship. To many people, including many men, it’s just as important as sharing emotional affection. If your guy craves holding your hand, or kissing you and you’re not always open to that, he’s eventually going to feel rejected and that’s never something you want to have happen. He likely wouldn’t be expressing his desire to have more affection if he felt he was getting enough. Obviously, he wants more from you and since your girlfriend, it’s up to you to supply it.

This can be somewhat challenging to a woman who isn’t all that comfortable with affection. Many of us are brought up in an environment where physical affection is frowned on. As a result we may become a bit uncomfortable with the idea of being affectionate or we may simply be self conscious about it. If that’s the case with you it’s important to learn now to embrace those experiences and start enjoying them for all the positives they bring to your life.

Begin by being more affectionate in a subtle or innocent way. You can start by holding your boyfriend’s hand more. If you’re not at ease doing it in public, start by doing it while you two are at home or in a restaurant that isn’t crowded. A small act of caring like this will mean a lot to your boyfriend. In time, you’ll discover that it feels natural to reach for his hand and you’ll take comfort in his touch.

From there it’s all about expanding your horizons. When you’re sitting next to him, rest your hand on his thigh or his back. Give him a shoulder massage one evening when he’s had a particularly stressful day. You can even snuggle up to him while you two are sitting together watching television. Small gestures like this, on your part, will help your boyfriend see that you are making a real effort to give him what he wants and needs from the relationship and from you. It’s a good way to ensure that he finds the fulfillment he seeks with you.

If a woman isn’t affectionate enough in her relationship, her man may create emotional distance. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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