My Boyfriend is Having Doubts About Us! How to Save Your Relationship with Him

When you’re in a relationship you obviously want your guy to feel the same way about you as you do about him. That’s understandable, right? If you adore him, it’s a great feeling when he tells you that he can’t live without you or he’d do anything to make you smile. We all wish for a connection like that in our lives and when we feel we have it, we’ll do just about anything to hold onto it forever. What happens when your boyfriend is having doubts about the two of you? Once you realize that he’s questioning whether the relationship is really what he wants, it can completely derail you. Don’t allow that to happen. If he has indeed told you that he’s unsure about what he’s feeling, stay calm and centered. If you handle yourself in just the right way, you can banish away all his doubts and create a lasting and strong emotional bond between the two of you.

If your boyfriend is having doubts listen to what he has to say. Men aren’t always that willing to express openly what they feel. They fear that it makes them vulnerable or less masculine. If you can create an environment where your boyfriend feels good about telling you what he’s feeling, even if it’s hard for him, your relationship will already be in a stronger place. Explain to him that you understand that he’s unsure about the future but you’d like to talk about what is causing him to feel that. Then actually listen and allow him the opportunity to share even if it’s hurtful to you. If you can manage this, you’ll have gained a lot more insight into what’s going on in his heart and that’s going to benefit you tremendously.

Once you have a deeper understanding of what he’s been feeling, you can start to make some positive changes that will pull him closer to you again. One of those changes shouldn’t be continually telling him that you adore him. If a woman comes on too strong, it can actually push her guy away. You should make it clear that even though his feelings may have shifted, your feelings haven’t and you are still hopeful for a future with him.  Don’t belabour this point but instead just express it clearly once so he understands.

Sometimes a man will begin to have doubts because he has reached a point in his relationship where he’s simply bored with the life he’s built with his girlfriend. You can typically tell if that’s what your guy is feeling if he says things like, “we never do anything anymore,” or “I wish things were the way they used to be.” Although you can’t recreate the early days of your romance, you can show him that you’re willing to change for the better. Be more spontaneous and create experiences for him that you know will get his adrenaline running again. That might be a weekend getaway to go hiking or perhaps some time exploring a new city. As long as you do it together, he’ll start to feel a new bond with you and those doubts he had will vanish.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

If you still need and want him don’t leave your future with him to chance, there are ways to get him to want you again more than before.

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