My Boyfriend and I Fight All the Time! How to Change This Before You Break Up

Relationships don’t always move along as smoothly as we’d like. It’s inevitable that a couple that spends a great deal of their time together is eventually going to run into a few rough patches. Arguments are par for the course when you’re in love with a man and in the case of a normal trivial conflict; you both air your opinion, reach a consensus on who is right or wrong and then move on to the makeup part of the itinerary.  What happens if those arguments become more and more frequent? What can a woman do if her number one complaint is, “my boyfriend and I fight all the time!” If you could be saying that statement about your relationship at the moment, you need to make some changes before the bickering pulls the two of you apart for good.

If you and your boyfriend can’t seem to agree on anything, you need to take a step back emotionally and look at the relationship objectively. Typically when a couple is facing ongoing conflict it has little to do with the small matters they’re arguing about. It’s usually about something more serious. It may be that one of you is feeling emotionally disconnected from the other and you resent that. Or perhaps there’s a major conflict and because you two can’t find a solution, you just squabble about everything and anything. You need to work hard to identify what is pulling you two apart. Once you’re able to do that, it’s then time to start rebuilding the peace and quiet.

Talk to your boyfriend about what you feel is the major problem. Do this at a time when you’re not focused on another issue that you can’t agree on. This has to be a calm discussion and you both need to be level headed during it. Don’t be accusatory at all. You don’t want him to feel that you’re backing him into a corner or blaming him exclusively for the issues that are plaguing the two of you. Keep calm and stay focused on the issue that you believe is tearing you two apart.

It’s also important that you two work towards finding a better way to communicate with one another. When two strong willed people find themselves at a crossroads it’s understandable that tempers would flare. Passionate people tend to be passionate about everything including defending their own opinion. Some couples find a great deal of success with the idea of writing out their concerns and addressing them through email or text. This allows for a tempered response and also it ensures that you have time to think about what words you want to use not just the words that are driven by your anger in the moment. Ask your boyfriend if he feels that this may be something you two should try for a time just to see if it helps with preserving your connection.

If you and your boyfriend argue too much you need to find a way to change that. Any conflict in a relationship can spell the beginning of the end.

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