I Want to Mend Things with My Boyfriend! How to Fix Your Relationship

Your boyfriend and you are going through a rough patch, right? It’s worse than a rough patch though, isn’t it? It feels more like a long and very bumpy and unsteady road. All relationships have their ebbs and flows but when your relationship starts to have many more bad days than good, you’re bound to see a break up on the horizon. You can’t expect it to last if you aren’t getting along. Part of you probably just wants to bury your head in the sand with the hope that fate will step in and rectify all that is wrong so you two can get back to loving each other. That’s not going to happen. This is clearly a situation in which you need to take control and fix things. If you’re saying to yourself, “I want to mend things with my boyfriend,” today is the perfect day to start your journey towards that. If this relationship is important to you, all the time and effort in the world is worth it to save it.

In order to mend things with your boyfriend you’re going to have to admit to what you did wrong. Maybe you feel that the tension and distance between you two is his entire fault but that’s not generally the way relationships work. It takes two people to make things successful and fulfilling and it takes the same two people to bring the relationship down into the dumps. You contributed in some way to the problems you two are facing and the sooner you come to that realization and own it, the sooner you can mend things with your boyfriend.

Determine what you feel is the main problem between you two. It may be anything from a conflict in the past that has yet to be resolved to one of you blatantly flirting with someone else. Once you’re able to identify the issue, you can then take steps to remedy it. Begin doing that by speaking to your boyfriend about the issue. This has to be a calm and honest discussion. You can’t approach him on a day when you’re boiling over with anger or filled with sadness and on the brink of tears. It’s also critical that you don’t come at him from a place of negativity. If you start blaming him for everything that is wrong with the relationship, he may quickly decide that the level of conflict just isn’t worth the trouble and that break up you’ve been dreading will become an instant reality.

Once you two have discussed the problem you both must resolve to do better in the future. This is often a case of showing your man how it’s done. If you can work on improving who you are as a partner, and he senses and sees that, he’ll want to follow suit and do the same. It takes endless compassion and understanding to make a relationship thrive and sometimes, we, as women, have to set the bar. Work had to avoid the issue that caused you two to become distant. If you do that and keep the lines of communication wide open, your relationship will become much stronger than it’s ever been before.

There are ways you can mend things with your boyfriend before the relationship takes a damaging turn for the worse.

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