How to Play Hard to Get with a Man! Relationship Tips for Women

One of the things we all wish for at some point in our adult lives is some insight into the minds of men. Even if you’re crazy about a man he can still utterly confuse you sometimes. You may wish he would treat you a bit differently or perhaps you imagine what it would be like if he adored you and never seemed distant. Men can be puzzling but there are ways to gain the upper hand in your relationship. One of those ways is to play hard to get. You may think that it’s a tactic better left to an older generation, but the fact of the matter is that it works. This is one of the dating games that you really do need to master if you want to get your guy chasing after you and focused solely and completely on you.

Learning how to play hard to get with a man isn’t just about ignoring his text messages or phone calls. That’s certainly part of it but it reaches much deeper than that. It all starts with having the right attitude and conveying all that self confidence you have. If you’re lacking in that department, now is the time to start celebrating how great you are. You want your man to believe that you see yourself as a treasure to him. Men love when a woman has that much confidence. It’s alluring and enchanting to them.
The key to playing hard to get is to stay true to yourself and in control of your emotions. The moment you begin chasing after a man, you devalue who you are as a woman. He sees that you’ll jump over just about any hurdle to make him happy and that will cause him to lose interest immediately. Instead of doing that, put yourself first and make your needs number one.

A great example of playing hard to get is when he ignores your repeated texts or phone calls. If you’ve tried reaching him repeatedly and he doesn’t have the decency to contact you back, ignore the man. Don’t rush to pick up when he finally does call you back and don’t answer his text message within a minute. Let a few hours pass and then reply by saying you’re sorry you missed him but you were busy and you’ll be in touch in a few days. Suddenly, you’ve shown him that you’re not about to sit and wait for him anymore.
You also need to pace yourself when it comes to sharing what you feel. If you are certain that you’re falling in love with him, don’t be too quick to blurt that out. He wants to pursue you and he wants to make it enjoyable for you both. If you throw yourself at his feet, he won’t find you challenging anymore and his interest will once again fade. Keep your feelings close to you for now. There’s always plenty of time in the future to put your heart out there for him. For now, stay independent, a bit mysterious and true to the woman you are.

Every woman has the power to make her man fall in love with her. You can have a deep, undying emotional connection with him.

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