How to Handle Seeing Your Ex Boyfriend Again!

Has a day passed since the break up when you haven’t cried? If you’re like most of us, the answer is no. It’s impossible to not feel a sense of loss when your relationship comes to a crashing halt. You have to mourn what you’ll never have and even though you’ve tried looking back fondly at what might have been, the emotional pain is just too fresh. You still entertain thoughts of getting back together with him. In fact, you may not have gone through the clean and purge stage of your break up yet. That’s the point where you realize that you don’t want him back in your life so everything he ever gave you ends up in the trash. If you instead stare longingly at his pictures and you sleep with his t-shirt, you’re far from letting him go yet. If you’re still consumed with thoughts of your ex, you need some ground rules regarding how to deal with him. The aftermath of a break up is a crucial time for a woman. If she doesn’t handle this correctly she could erase any chance she had to be with the man she loves. You need to learn how to act when you’re around him including how to handle seeing your ex boyfriend again.

It’s inevitable that sooner or later you two are going to cross paths. If you’re lucky this will occur after several weeks have passed and emotions have calmed. It’s a horrible feeling to run face first into your ex at the coffee shop the morning after he dumped you. Your eyes will be almost swollen shut from crying and you will look as though you haven’t slept a wink. You’ll probably burst into tears the moment you see him and he’ll feel completely uncomfortable. For that reason alone it’s best to try and avoid the places you know your ex boyfriend frequents until you’ve allowed yourself some time to heal.

In between now and when you do see your ex boyfriend again you have a few tasks you need to focus on. First, you’ve got to get yourself looking extra hot. That’s not to say you need to jump into a diet and exercise plan or change your hairstyle or makeup dramatically. It does mean that you absolutely must work on feeling good about the way you look. Spend some time each day just relaxing and appreciating how incredible you are. Never lose sight of the fact that your ex thought you were “it” at one point. That clearly means he can think that again now if you believe it too.

You have to learn how to stay focused on calm and peaceful thoughts. Right now everything seems out of control and the smallest reminder can set you into a downward spiral where you end up clutching a picture of your ex sobbing about what you’ve lost. You can’t present yourself that way to him in person. When you do see him, you must appear to be fine with the split and ready to move on with your life. A good exercise to help you do that is to think about everything else in your life that you’re grateful for. Also, consider that even though you two are apart for the moment that may not always be the case. Sometimes looking far into the future is very helpful.

If you are feeling anxious at all about seeing your ex boyfriend again, you need to get it out of the way. It’s at this point that you should arrange to bump into him “by accident.” Go to that coffee shop you know he stops at each day or take your dog for a stroll down the street in front of his house. If you do the initial meeting this way you control how you look and what you say. Just remember to stay calm, composed and don’t appear needy at all. He’ll be impressed that you’ve handled the break up with so much maturity and grace.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

If you still need and want him don’t leave your future with him to chance, there are ways to win him back.

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