How Do Men Show They Love You Without Words? Signs Your Guy Adores You

There are certain qualities we all wish men had. No, it’s not an inner need that drives him to clean the house, although that would be a dream come true, wouldn’t it? For most women, they do long for a man who is expressive with his emotions. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your man constantly told you how much he loves you and how there’s no one else in the world who comes close to measuring up to you? It’s the stuff that fairytales and Hollywood chick flicks are made of. Most men are reserved and tend to express themselves by saying a meek, “me too” in response to us pouring our hearts out. It’s obviously disappointing and somewhat disheartening to not have that extra validation that you’re looking for. Instead of focusing on his words it may be worthwhile to start looking more at his actions. Men often show their love without words and once you know how to recognize how they do that, you’re going to feel completely adored and cherished by your guy.

Do you know how your fellow always wants to help you by offering his advice and opinion? Sure, it can get a bit frustrating when he’s telling you the right way to cook pasta if he’s never turned the stove on, but that’s actually a sign that he’s crazy about you. Men love helping the women they adore. They want to be that knight in shining armor that we all dream of. He wants to come to your rescue even if it’s just to lift something heavy down from a high shelf in the bedroom. If your man is constantly offering his assistance, even when you haven’t asked for it, take that as a good sign of where his heart is.

Men also show their love without words by their need to be physically close to you. All romantic relationships obviously have a physical aspect to them, that’s one of the reasons we all long for a strong connection with a man. There’s more to it than that though. Does your guy reach for your hand when you two are walking down the street? Or have you noticed him reaching to rub your shoulders if you’re talking about something extra stressful that happened at work? These are signs of his need to be close to you and to comfort you. A man in love wants to help his woman feel better in any way he can. He wants her to feel cherished and protected. Those small physical gestures mean a lot more than just symbols of affection. They really should be viewed as windows to his heart.

Jealousy may seem like a negative emotion, but in the case of trying to decipher your man’s feelings, it can be a great tool of insight. We all have a jealous streak and it seems to waken up when we feel there’s a threat to our happiness. If you work with a man who is attractive, or you have a close male friend, and your guy has issues with that, don’t automatically assume it’s because he’s lacking self confidence. He may just feel threatened by the fact that another man is in your life. Jealousy mixed with rage is obviously not something you want to immerse yourself in but if your man seems more attentive after you’ve been around another guy, take that as a sign that he’s feeling territorial and wants you all to himself.

His eyes are where you need to focus your attention the next time you see him. Pay close attention to how much he stares at you. If you feel that you’re emotionally connected, be prepared to feel his gaze on you the entire time you two are together. A man who is smitten can’t keep his eyes off the woman he loves. It’s as if he needs to breathe her in visually. He wants to capture everything about you so that he can recall it all easily when you two aren’t together.

If you look closely at how your man acts you’ll soon discover many hidden clues about what he feels. He may not feel comfortable sharing his emotions verbally, but his actions will truly tell you just how deeply he does care for and desire you. Just view it as a journey into the discovery of your man’s heart.

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