Does Your Man Love You? 10 Signs of a Man in Love

It’s natural to wonder what your man feels for you if you two have been involved for some time. Men aren’t always that great at communicating what they feel which leaves us feeling puzzled and confused. If you’re wondering exactly what’s going on in his heart, there are some signs that indicate that he’s absolutely in love with you. Recognizing any of these 10 signs he’s in love with you in your relationship will help you know what he feels even if he can’t express it clearly to you.

1. A man in love wants to be with the woman of his desire. He’ll change his schedule, cancel appointments and give excuses to friends just so he can be with the woman he adores. If your guy moves mountains so he can spend just a few hours with you, he’s a keeper.

2. Related to his wanting to be with you is his desire to talk with or communicate with you. If the man in your life tends to send you countless text messages or emails during the day, that’s a great indicator that he’s in love. The same is true for phone calls. If he calls just to hear your voice, he’s fallen head over heels for you.

3. We’ve all been with guys who couldn’t seem to stay focused when another pretty woman walked into the room. The world falls away when a man is entranced by a specific woman. He isn’t tempted to look at anyone else because the woman he loves is the most beautiful woman in the world to him.

4. Has he suggested that you two just date exclusively? If he has, he’s committed to you and only you. Men are sometimes slow to suggest dating exclusively if they aren’t feeling anything serious for the woman they’re seeing. If he wants you all to himself, he’s feeling territorial, and that’s a big plus!

5. Another of the 10 signs he’s in love is his desire to always be close to you. A man who feels a strong emotional connection with a woman will often reach for her hand, move to kiss her or even just rest his hand on her back as a sign of protected comfort.

6. Does your man worry over you and does he seem to really enjoy pampering you? A man’s desire to take care of a woman’s needs is another good indicator of where his heart is. If he wants to cook you dinner or run you a bath, he literally worships you and loves being able to care for you.

7. The other men in your man’s life play a role in your relationship too. Family and close friends are often very important to a man and he won’t dare introduce just any woman to the people he loves. If you’ve met and spent time with the people who encompass your man’s inner circle, you own his heart.

8. Any man who is willing to forgo his own interests for those of the woman he’s involved with is falling hard and fast for her. We all know how much men love their sports and hobbies. If he is willing to give up any of that for you, he really cares for you. If he gives it up without any persuasion on your part, he’s deeply in love.

9. If you feel that your man considers you his equal in every way, he’s got the potential to be a wonderful life partner. A man in love cares about what his woman thinks and he won’t consider making a major life decision without her input.

10. The last of the 10 signs a man is in love is he’ll see you as the focal point of his future. If he talks about where he wants you two to live or how many children he hopes to have, he’s already seeing you as wife material. The way he envisions his future is really a pathway to where his heart is now.

Every woman has the power to make her man fall in love with her. You can have a deep, undying emotional connection with him.

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