Why Did He Leave Me For Another Woman? Insight into His Mind

Your boyfriend up and left one day. You still can’t believe it. You loved him so much and now you feel discarded and disposable. Perhaps at first you didn’t realize why he decided to end the relationship or maybe he was clear that there was someone else right from the start. Trying to come to terms with being dumped for someone else is never an easy thing. It’s normal to constantly ask the question, “why did he leave me for another woman?” Finding the answer has to start with looking at the past.

Whenever a woman does ask a friend the question, “why did he leave me for another woman,” she shouldn’t be expecting a truthful answer. Our friends want to protect us so they aren’t about to jump at the chance to tell us that we may have been a bit overbearing in the relationship or that our jealous streak was out of control. Facing your own shortcomings is important if you want to determine why your boyfriend felt the need to find someone else, but there’s more to his decision to start a new relationship than your own mistakes.

Men bore very easily if the relationship isn’t one that is secure in their minds. If your boyfriend saw you as more of a casual dating partner than a life partner, he won’t think twice about dumping you if someone he views as more exciting or vibrant comes along. He may feel justified, in his own mind, because you weren’t the same person he was first attracted to. Perhaps you enjoy spending more quiet evenings at home now than you used to and he’s one for going out on the town still.

If you’ve been overly emotional in the relationship he may view that as another reason for seeking out someone new. Most men can’t effectively deal with a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. When you regularly get upset over things he views as minor, he’ll create distance which will leave him emotionally vulnerable to a new connection with someone else.

Sadly, your desperate desire to have a committed future with him may also be one of the reasons why he left you for another woman. If a man isn’t emotionally ready for a serious relationship, he will pull back, often dramatically, in retaliation. The moment a man feels pushed in the direction of taking the relationship to the next level, and he’s not emotionally prepared for it, he’ll pull back.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t look at your appearance as a catalyst for him wanting someone else over you. Men rarely leave women for someone who is more attractive. For men, it’s much more about the emotional connection that they feel with the new partner. If he feels that you two just weren’t connecting on the same emotional level, he’ll seek that out with someone new and will quickly want to pull away from you to be with her.

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