When a Sagittarius Man Ignores You! How to Regain His Attention Now

Every woman secretly wants the same thing from her guy. She wants to feel as though she’s the center of his universe. It may be too much to ask at times, but it’s not too much to dream of being with a man who sees you as a cherished gift. That’s why it’s so disheartening when the man you love suddenly pulls away and stops paying as much attention to you. When a Sagittarius man ignores you it can leave you questioning the depth of his devotion and your future happiness with him.

Sagittarius men are a rare breed. You already know this very well since you’re involved with one. Men born under this sign are smart, adventurous and spiritual. You’ll feel grateful each time he says he adores you because you know men like this are very hard to find. That’s why you’ll feel very off center when he abruptly changes around you. If he used to call and now you wait days to hear from him, that’s definitely something you should be very concerned about. You have to do something dramatic if you want to regain his attention, but it can’t be too obvious. If he sees you panicking it can actually cause him to feel even more uncomfortable to the point that he’ll end the relationship for good.

When a Sagittarius man ignores you it’s important for you to give him the space he needs. Obviously that doesn’t mean that you should drop all contact with him forever, but it does mean that you shouldn’t be the one continually calling him if he hasn’t reached out to you. He may very well just need a bit of breathing room and if you chase after him he won’t feel he’s getting that. That’s why it’s advisable that you wait at least a few days to contact him if he is indeed ignoring you. Don’t leave message after message on his voice mail begging him to call you back. Simply wait a few days, call him once and leave one message just saying you wanted to touch base. Keep it very calm and don’t get emotional. The last thing he wants to hear is you sobbing into the receiver about how much you desperately miss him.

If he senses that you’re not panicking over his need for some space, he’ll come around quicker. It’s a great idea to get busy focusing on other areas of your life so you don’t feel the enormous void that he’s left. Spend more time with friends and work on improving who you are. You can’t let him see that the relationship is defining your happiness.

Allow a few weeks to pass and if he’s still ignoring you ask him to meet for a coffee. During that meeting explain to him that the relationship has shifted and you’re not feeling it’s heading in a good direction anymore. Give him a chance to share what he’s been feeling with you. If he chooses to tell you that nothing is wrong or he’s just very busy, leave it at that. Sagittarius men are notorious for taking the woman they love for granted until they realize she’s on the brink of leaving. If you show him that you’re okay with walking away from the relationship, he’ll suddenly change his attitude completely. The key is not to go on and on about it. Instead, let your actions speak for you.

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