Tips to Help Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend’s Heart! Break Up Advice for Women

A few months ago you thought you had life in the palm of your hand, didn’t you? Everything was going so well. You had a man that you loved by your side and you couldn’t have imagined anything changing that ever. Something did though. Now you two are broken up and you spend hours each day lost in thought about what went wrong and what power you really have in changing things. If you love the man and you feel confident in the fact that your future belongs with him, you need to take action now. Understanding how to win back your ex boyfriend’s heart is all giving him what he needs while ensuring your needs are met too.

One important thing to always remember when you want to win back your ex boyfriend’s heart is not to lose yourself in the process. If you give up your self control and throw yourself at his mercy, he won’t want you. He’ll push past you and move on to another woman who has self respect. The break up wasn’t easy for either of you and it’s a symptom of a bigger problem. If your relationship was as perfect as you believe it was, the break up wouldn’t have occurred. Things weren’t working and that’s why you’re not together anymore. If you throw yourself at the man and tell him you’ll do anything to get him back, he’ll add your desperation to the list of reasons why he doesn’t want you anymore. You have to hold your head up high, respect the relationship for what it was and start making changes to better yourself.

Begin by making amends for the things you know you did wrong when you two were still together. No one is perfect and it takes a big person to admit their weaknesses. You need to be that person in this relationship. Let your boyfriend know that you’ve given the situation a lot of thought and you do see that you weren’t the ideal girlfriend. By doing this, you’re showing him a couple of very important things. First, and most importantly, you’re demonstrating how emotionally mature you are. Most women tend to point the finger of blame for their breakup at their ex. You’re not going to do that. Secondly, by apologizing you’re clearing the way for a reunion because you’re shoving the past where it belongs and that’s in the past.

You already know what your boyfriend finds irresistible in a woman because you were the one who held his heart for a long time. You need to capitalize on that insight and bring out those qualities within yourself that he absolutely loves. Show him, through your actions, that you’re not just the woman he once loved but you’re the only woman he can ever love because you’re such a perfect fit for him. If you do all of this while remaining a supportive, trusted and not pushy friend to him, he’s going to sit up and take notice and start feeling those same romantic stirrings inside for you he once felt.

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