Is Your Ex Boyfriend Sending Mixed Signals? How to Handle This Situation

Dealing with the collateral damage after a break up is never easy. Not only do you have to come to terms with the idea that your relationship is now over, you have to also file away everything you still feel for your ex boyfriend. That falls into the category of “next to impossible” for any woman who is still in love with her boyfriend. Secretly holding out hope that a reunion may take place is understandable. But when you have an ex boyfriend sending mixed signals it’s hard to know whether he sees a future that includes you. Learning how to decipher his words and actions will help you determine whether working towards a reunion is a good idea or not.

When you’re dealing with an ex boyfriend sending mixed signals you’re likely to put more weight into the things he says that make you feel he still cares for you. If he tells you he misses you or that he wishes the path you two were on would have ended differently, don’t invest too much of yourself emotionally into that. It’s normal for everyone to have some fleeting moments of regret and sentimentality after the end of a relationship. What you need to do is start paying closer attention to his actions than his words. The old saying about actions speaking louder fits very well in the context of the aftermath of a broken relationship.

A good example of reading his actions more than his words can be found in whether or not he’s encouraging you to meet him to talk about the end of the relationship and the possibility of a reunion. If he says he still cares for you but won’t put any effort into talking about things, his words may not carry the deep meaning you’re hoping for. Quite often after a break up, one partner will say things that lead the other on for one reason and one reason only. They want to still be physically close to that person without all the romantic entanglements. If you two had a stellar physical relationship, your ex boyfriend may want that to continue even though he doesn’t want to wear the label of your boyfriend anymore.

Reacting to your ex boyfriend’s mixed signals takes some skill and insight. If you hang on his every word you’re going to look past his actions that suggest he’s just not that into you anymore. Take everything he says with a grain of salt. Remember that he’s likely feeling as confused as you are emotionally right now. If he truly wanted to be close to you again, his actions would reflect that. He’d be working hard to improve who he is and making time to talk with you to come to a resolution about what happened between the two of you and what you can both do now to ensure your renewed relationship works.

Keep your heart protected in the days following the break up. Your boyfriend’s mixed signals may leave you feeling confused but trust in your own inner instinct. Don’t let your guard down and do anything you’ll later come to regret. Your number one priority right now has to be you and your emotional well being.

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