Should You Ignore Your Ex Boyfriend to Get Him Back? Why This Works

The one and only thing a woman wants after a break up is to find her inner peace again. For some women, who have welcomed the break up, that means moving on and forging a new life separate from the one they shared with their ex. For other women, the ones who are heartbroken over the doomed relationship, they want to reconcile. Getting from wanting a man back to actually making it happen can be a long, drawn out and very painful process. If you’re suffering through this now you know that you’d do just about anything to speed up the process so your man falls deeply in love with you again. Fortunately, there’s a way to make that happen. If you’re determined to rekindle a lost love you need to start understanding why you should ignore your ex boyfriend to get him back.

It seems crazy at first glance, doesn’t it? If you ignore your ex boyfriend to get him back surely it’s going to backfire in your face, right? Surprisingly that’s rarely the case. When you’re working your way through a break up with the intention of getting a man back you have to approach it from a place of reason not emotion. Emotionally you’re thinking that you need to talk to him as often as possible so he wants you back. You probably call him repeatedly each day and maybe you’ve even been guilty of sending him notes riddled with claims of undying love and devotion. That’s chasing him to get him back and it’s just not going to work to your advantage.

The main reason why you should ignore your ex boyfriend to get him back is it works amazingly well. By cutting off contact with your ex you’ll be forcing him to face his life without you in it. You’ll be showing him that you’re no longer going to chase after him with the hope that he’ll take you back. You’ll also be demonstrating a very high level of maturity and self control. You need to approach this with the reasoning that since you two have broken up, it’s time you started acting like it.

A man’s pride will take over when he feels he’s being rejected by a woman he loved. It doesn’t matter if he was the one who officially ended your relationship or not. Once he senses that you’ve pushed him aside in your heart and mind, he’ll feel discarded. It’s rare for any man to be able to handle that in a graceful and mature way. What’s likely to happen is he’ll panic inside, realize that you may very well wander off to find someone new and he’ll suddenly want you all over again. Initially his desire to have you will be driven by the fact that he doesn’t want to be the loser in the equation but over time he’ll feel the need to be back with you because he’ll see that he just can’t live without you.

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