My Boyfriend is Ignoring My Texts and Phone Calls! Do This Now to Fix This Situation

When you’re dating a guy that you’re absolutely crazy about it’s understandable that you’d want him to feel the same way about you, right? Of course you do. It’s difficult enough to invest yourself emotionally in someone. When you realize that he may not be as into you as you are into him it’s beyond devastating. You feel as though you’ve been run over by a truck filled with anger, disappointment and rejection. That’s what happens when a woman finds herself saying, “my boyfriend is ignoring my texts and phone calls.” Naturally you’re going to want to confront your guy about his blatant mistreatment of you but is that really the best route to take?

When a woman is saying, “my boyfriend is ignoring my texts and calls,” she’s saying it with some level of resentment. When you feel ignored by the one man you adore it’s understandable that you’d begin to feel angry and upset by it. You’ll want to know what’s going on and the best way to determine that is to ask your guy, right? It’s true but the problem with that is that many men don’t even fully realize they’re pulling back until they’re confronted head on with it by their girlfriend. If he feels you’re verbally attacking him over the issue he may just put up his defenses and if that occurs you’ll never get anywhere and he’ll continue to ignore you indefinitely.

You have to face the reality of the situation if your boyfriend has taken to ignoring your calls and text messages. He’s doing that for a specific reason. Granted he may be busy from time-to-time but if he had the time before to respond, he should be able to find the time now. If hours go by after you’ve left a voicemail or sent a text message and there’s nothing but silence from him, he’s avoiding you and he’s blatantly obvious about it.

The best advice you can possibly follow when your boyfriend continually ignores you is to stop contacting him. Each time you send him another message or try and reach him by phone you’re shining a spotlight on how desperate you are. If he’s like most men he’s checking his phone throughout the day and when he sees that you’re tried to reach him yet again, he’ll feel a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you aren’t going to give up on him soon. That pumps up a man’s ego and makes for a very unbalanced relationship.

Beginning this minute focus on anything but him. Make yourself a promise that you won’t contact him for the rest of the day. If you have to get a friend to help you keep busy, do it. Make plans that you know will keep you away from your phone. If you can muster up the inner strength to do this for a few days you’ll be clearly showing your boyfriend that his decision to ignore you isn’t going to be taken lightly. If he sees that you realize that he’s been taking advantage of the bond you two share, he’ll come to his senses. Once that happens he’ll begin treating you with the respect you deserve which includes answering your phone calls and texts in a timely and courteous manner.

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