I Just Want Him to Love Me Again! Break Up Tips for Women

When you’re involved in a wonderfully, fulfilling relationship with the man of your dreams you don’t really consider how it would feel if that all came crashing down. Why would you? You love him and he loves you and all is right with the world. That’s how many women feel and then one day they are completely blindsided when the man they adore suddenly says he’s not in love anymore. The instant reaction of any woman in this position is, I just want him to love me again.” Of course you do, he’s the only man for you, right? So how exactly do you go from having a broken heart to pulling your man back to you again?

If you’re saying to your friends, “I just want him to love me again,” they’re probably trying desperately to change your mind. Friends only want the best for us and in their eyes if we’ve been dumped, we need to say good riddance to the dumper. You know better though. Love isn’t something that comes along every day so if you’re determined to hold onto it and get him back, stay focused on that. Don’t allow others to influence how you feel. It’s vitally important that you follow your heart.

You must do a few things though in order to regain his attention. Begin by putting the past to rest. In order to do this you’re going to have to swallow your pride and apologize to your ex. The reason this action is so instrumental in the bigger picture of getting him back is that he’ll see that you’re mature enough to admit when you’ve made a mistake. It’s not necessary to transform into a blubbering mess who explains in detail what she feels she did wrong. Instead, simply tell him that you’re sorry that things ended the way they did but you now see that it was best for you both. That one sentence is going to change the dynamic between you and your ex in an instant. No longer are you allowing him to control your future. He’ll feel humbled by your acceptance of the situation and he’ll also wonder why you’re suddenly so okay with him dumping you.

Creating some physical and emotional distance can also reap big rewards when you want to get your man to love you again. Women and men are obviously fundamentally different in many ways. One way is how they fall in love with someone. As women we treasure those moments when we are with our guy and we feel ourselves becoming connected to him when we’re looking in his eyes or we feel his arms around us. It’s much different for men. A man will typically feel closer to a woman when she’s not around. Her absence will make him long for her smile and laugh. He’ll think about all the wonderful moments they’ve shared. That’s why it’s important that you spend some time focused on your own life after the break up. That distance you create is actually going to pull him back into your arms again.

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