How to Make Your Husband Happy! Tips to Build a Stronger Marriage

Your husband isn’t happy anymore. Maybe he’s told you as much or perhaps you’ve come to that conclusion on your own based on his recent behavior. It’s emotionally challenging when you realize that your husband isn’t finding as much fulfillment and joy in the marriage anymore. You worry that sooner or later he’s going to confess to you that he needs more out of life and wants a divorce. If you are living with the fear that this is right around the corner, you need to make some changes in your relationship. Understanding how to make your husband happy can completely alter the dynamic between the two of you and get him emotionally invested in the marriage once again.

When it comes to learning how to make your husband happy you need to let go of any resentment you may be feeling towards him. If you already feel as though you’re putting everything you have into the marriage and he still walks around sullen and with a frown on his face, it’s understandable why you’d grow to resent him. You need to dismiss those feelings though. It’s going to be virtually impossible to want to make your husband happy if you deeply resent him. Try and view today as a new start towards a happier marriage. Leave the past in the past and begin on a course of searching for mutual fulfillment.

Listening to your husband is very important. This sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, it’s not. Too many women stop hearing their husbands after the marriage has settled into a routine. If you don’t invest yourself in each and every conversation your husband starts with you, you’ll soon notice that he’ll withdraw and he’ll stop talking about anything of importance. His feelings will be caught up inside of him with no place to go. Eventually he’ll feel so alone and emotionally abandoned that he’ll seek a divorce.

Make time each day for you two to talk. Encourage him to share what’s going on in his life. Ask him questions and get him to open up more. The more he feels he can share with you, the closer to you he’ll become. Don’t brush off anything he says as unimportant or frivolous. He needs to feel that you’re his emotional safe spot in the world and that means he has to feel as though he can tell you everything.

Another important part of understanding how to make your husband happy is recognizing the value in spending time together. When’s the last time you two went out for a nice dinner alone, without the children? Have you taken the opportunity to spend a weekend alone while another family member provides care for your children? You have to put in some effort to show your husband that those stolen moments between just the two of you are incredibly important to you as well.

Also, take time each day just to tell him how much you value and appreciate him as an essential part of your life. Telling your husband that there isn’t another man on earth you’d rather be with can have a huge impact on him. If he hears how much you truly love him on a regular basis, it will help him feel not only happier, but more content in the marriage again.

Don’t spend another day wishing your marriage was different. If you want your husband to treat you differently, make it happen. You can have the deeply connected, fulfilling relationship you’ve always wanted.

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