How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Feel Guilty for Dumping You! Tips to Use Now

You’ve been dumped by a man you absolutely adore. It’s a pain unlike any other, isn’t it? There’s little you can do to make that emotional ache go away. You spend hours upon hours thinking about your ex and wondering what you can possibly do to change this situation and get things back to the way they used to be. If you feel that you truly can’t live without the man you do need to do something that will draw him back in. One way to accomplish this is to make your ex boyfriend feel guilty about breaking your heart. It may seem a bit underhanded at first glance but when it comes to your future happiness and fulfillment, you need to do whatever it takes to get the man you love to want you back too.

The reason you should make your ex boyfriend feel guilty for dumping you is he’ll start to see and feel the break up through your eyes and heart. Right now the man is solely focused on what he’s feeling in the aftermath of your relationship coming apart. He may feel a bit of relief that things are over but he’s also probably feeling some concern for you. If you’ve been upset and have been clear about how much you miss him, he knows that you still want him. That knowledge can not only make him feel uncomfortable, it can also make him wish he could put some distance between the two of you. If you set out on a plan that is designed to make him feel responsible for breaking your heart, you’ll be changing the entire dynamic of the relationship between you two and you’ll be in a much stronger place emotionally.

The real key to ensuring this happens is to be as sweet as you possibly can be. If you want to make your ex feel badly for dumping you it’s essential that you stop crying around him and stop begging the man to give you another chance. You have to put on your very best behavior and act like the woman of his dreams. That means temporarily accepting the break up and showing him that you can still be a supportive, helpful and loving friend even if he trampled all over your heart.

Begin by telling him that you understand why he broke up with you. If you can do this with a smile on your face, it will have an even stronger impact on him. Don’t look giddy but try to look at peace with the end of your relationship. Make it clear to him that you’re not going to hold any grudges and that you’re always around if he needs a friend. Tell him that you enjoyed your time with him and you’ll miss him but you’re excited about what lies around the corner of life for you. If you can say all of this without so much as a teardrop or a sniffle, you’ll have accomplished what you set out to do. He’s going to feel guilty because suddenly he’ll realize that you are fine without him and you’re ready to take on the world without him by your side. Being the bigger person in this relationship equation is what it really boils down to and you know that you’re capable of that. Show your ex that even though he was the one who broke your heart into a million pieces, you are still the same sweet and enchanting woman you always were.

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