How to Bring Up the Topic of Marriage With Your Boyfriend

Many women have certain expectations in their relationship. We all fundamentally want the same things from the man we love. We want to feel valued, appreciated and loved. We also want and hope that he’ll see the future through the same eyes as we do. When you’re in love and you’ve been dating for some time, the next logical step would appear to be a beautiful engagement ring, followed by the wedding of your dreams, right? Unfortunately, relationships don’t always follow the blueprint we’ve drawn out for them. If you’ve been playing it coy up to this point with the hope that your boyfriend will propose to you one day and it has yet to happen, you’re probably feeling discouraged and concerned. So what is the best way to bring up the topic of marriage with your boyfriend? Is there a way to do it that will draw him in without making him feel pressured?

Talking about marriage with your boyfriend can be akin to opening a bottle of champagne. Everything seems fine until the cork is loosened a bit and then a mini explosion happens. The way you approach the subject of marriage with him is going to be the main determining factor in terms of how the conversation goes. If you come at him from an accusatory place he’s likely going to shut down and pull back quickly. That can impact any future discussions you two may have regarding a committed future together. It’s much more effective and productive for you to subtly talk about what each of your expectations for the future are.

Some men who are in a dating relationship aren’t even close to considering the idea of proposing and marrying. This can be very difficult for the women they are with to understand given the strong bond that already exists between them. Men and women don’t always view commitment from the same place. For women it’s much more about true love and just the desire to spend their lives with someone they feel is their one and only. For men marriage tends to be about being able to provide for their wife and future family. To a man he must have everything in order in terms of finances before he’ll feel ready to pop the all important question.

Ask your boyfriend where he sees his life in five years. He may balk at the question but tell him it’s important for you to understand which directions he sees his life going. If he’s like many men his answer will at first focus on where he wants his career to go. If he also adds on something like, “and with you of course,” or “happily married to you,” then you’ll know that he does indeed see you as an integral and central part of his future. If he doesn’t mention your relationship at all, then you should be concerned because it may very well indicate that he just doesn’t picture himself married anytime soon.

If you make it clear to your man through small comments occasionally that you envision your future including being married to him, he’ll quickly understand what you want. Remember that we all move through our relationships at a different pace and just because your man doesn’t want to marry you today, that doesn’t mean his mind and heart won’t be in a different place tomorrow or next year.

You don’t have to wait for him to decide whether or not he’s ready to commit to you. If you are tired of putting your dreams on hold because he’s commitment phobic, there are things you can do to make him want to marry you now.

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