He Suddenly Lost Interest in You! Why This Happens and What to Do

If there was a way to see inside your man’s mind you’d probably be giddy, right? We all would. Men can be so incredibly challenging to understand. They do things that really make little sense to us and unfortunately they don’t offer any insight into why they do the things they do. Such is the case when a man pulls back. If you’ve been involved with a man and now he suddenly lost interest in you, you’re not the first woman this has happened to. Although you may feel like panicking uncontrollably, don’t. This situation can be handled in a way that will draw him back to you while at the same time you keep your dignity intact. Sounds like advice you need, doesn’t it?

If he suddenly lost interest in you it’s important that you try and identify what happened. Sure you could ask him but if he’s like most men, he’ll clam up and say nothing is wrong. Obviously something is very wrong if a man who couldn’t get enough of you stops calling altogether. The main reason why men lose interest in a woman overnight is because she’s done something that is unappealing. It’s hard to absorb that but it’s the unfortunate harsh reality of the dating world. Unless a man is deeply emotionally invested in a relationship, one wrong move on the part of the woman he’s seeing and he’ll disappear into the wind.

Identifying what you did wrong can be tricky. Men respond to some things much differently than we do. For instance, if you’ve been calling him repeatedly each day just because you’re so crazy about him, he may view that as stalker behavior, not the actions of a woman who is falling in love. The same is true if you’ve taken to talking about how wonderful your future will be with him. If he’s still seeing you just as his girlfriend, he’ll be spooked if you start talking about becoming his wife and settling down for life.

You may feel that the best approach for you to take once you have identified the problem is to apologize for it. Don’t be tempted into doing that. He’ll probably become more uncomfortable if you bring up the issue. It’s much better for you to try and change the dynamic of the relationship on your own. It’s very simple to do this. All that is required is for you to contact him again from a place of friendship. Call him up and ask if he wants to meet for a coffee. If he’s hesitant, drop it for now and work to establish a text message or email connection with him. Keep the conversations light and general and show that there’s much more to you than the one thing he found distasteful. Over time he’ll start to feel connected to you again and you’ll get the second chance to make him adore you that you’ve wanted.

When a woman makes a critical mistake in her relationship it can damage it forever. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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