Why Won’t He Call Me Back? Insight Into Your Guy’s Mind

Most single women have a long list of dating questions they wish they knew the answers to. These questions run the gamut and include everything from why hasn’t he said he loves me to why won’t he call me back. All of the questions can lead to confusion and uncertainty about how he feels about you and where the relationship stands. When it comes to questions about men and phone calls there are really just a few things you have to remember. If you can get a grasp on this aspect of your relationship, you’ll find many of your other concerns will just melt away.

The question that women ask most when it comes to men and contact is, “why won’t he call me back?” It’s a logical and expected question given the fact that a good number of men can’t seem to find their cell phones to give the women they are dating a short call. If you two went out recently and you fully expected a call within a day or two and it’s now been a week you have every right to wonder what is going on with him. It’s very easy to jump to the conclusion that he’s no longer interested in you. That’s probably not the case though. Many men actually use the phone as a tool to weigh how interested a woman is in them.

So what’s the quick answer to why he won’t call you back? It’s that he wants to see how you’ll react. Women are notorious for getting too attached too quickly in their relationships. We fall in love and then grasp onto our guy for dear life. If a day passes in which we don’t hear from him many of us will overreact and track him down demanding to know why he hasn’t called. Each time a woman does something like this she’s sending a signal to her man that says that she’s desperate for his attention and is placing all her worth in his hands. You never want to be in a relationship that is that completely unbalanced. It’s important that you react in a very specific way if he doesn’t call.

What you should be doing if you’re waiting impatiently for him to call you back is to forget about him for now. Much easier said than done, right? It is but it’s important that you try your best to not panic and to not call him. If you relax and instead focus solely and completely on yourself he’s going to wonder why you don’t seem to care whether he calls or not. That’s actually the perfect reaction.  So give the man some space and pretend you haven’t noticed his absence. If you can manage that, he’ll be calling you non-stop trying to regain your attention.

Confused about when you should be calling your man? Calling too often, at the wrong time or before he’s ready to hear from you can turn him off.

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