My Boyfriend Says I Nag Him! How to Erase This Dating Mistake Now

You love your boyfriend. Obviously, your relationship isn’t perfect. You’d be hard pressed to find one that is, but you can’t complain too much, can you? He’s a great guy and he makes you feel fantastic. There’s just one drawback though. He has a major complaint about you. Many women face the same predicament you do and you’ll sometimes hear one of them express it. “My boyfriend says I nag him,” isn’t something you want to be saying, but it’s something you are saying. Hearing your boyfriend tell you that he thinks you’re a nag is embarrassing and confusing. You feel self conscious about it and you may even start to wonder whether it’s going to end up being a deal breaker for the relationship between you two.

Typically when a woman says, “my boyfriend says I nag him,” she disagrees with him. It’s very hard to look into ourselves to acknowledge our own shortcomings. We don’t want to see our own faults so we’d rather fight against that. The issue of nagging is an embarrassing one. We typically associate nagging with older women who have been with their men for years. They take to nagging to get what they want when they’re no longer being heard. In a sense, that may be what’s happening in your own relationship without you fully realizing it. Perhaps your boyfriend has started tuning you out and the way you’ve come to deal with it is to push him more and more on the subjects you believe are important.

Men will often use the word “nag” in a blanket way. They’ll call any woman a nag if she is too aggressively stating her point of view or feels she needs something. If you’ve been pushing your boyfriend about something lately, that may very well be the reason why he now says you nag him. It’s important for you to think clearly about this. You have to be honest with yourself about whether or not you’ve been asking him for something he’s not prepared to give or if you’ve been pushing him in a way that is making him feel uncomfortable.

The easiest way to change a situation like this is to pull back on whatever you feel you’ve been pushing him on. If you’ve been asking him for a stronger commitment, stop. If you’ve wanted him to fix something around your home, hire someone to do it. Whatever you believe the issue is that is being viewed as fodder for your nagging, is an issue you need to handle on your own. Your boyfriend will instantly notice the difference in how you interact with him and he’ll see you as being a more independent woman who is capable of handling her own issues. Men love this quality in a woman so you’ll not only be dropping the title of nag, you’ll be securing a stronger place in his heart as well.

When a woman is viewed as a nag by her boyfriend it can negatively impact their relationship. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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