He Stopped Calling! Should I Call Him? Dating Advice Just for You

Dating isn’t always easy, is it? There are so many small nuances that we need to be aware of when we first meet up and get involved with a new guy. It’s hard to know exactly what to do in certain situations and one area that causes a great deal of confusion is when to call and what to say. Most of us have said at one point or another in our dating lives, “He stopped calling. Should I call him?” If you’re asking this now and you don’t know the answer, the approach you need to take is rather simple. Calling rules are actually straightforward and once you understand the basic premise, you’ll be able to handle any dilemma that pops up now or in the future.

He stopped calling! Should I call him?” is one of the most common dating questions women ask. It’s natural to want to be in contact with a man you’re fond of and if he stops taking the initiative to call you it only makes sense that you would be the one to reach out to him, right? Wrong! Men actually stop calling women for very specific reasons and one of those reasons is often just to test you. If a man senses that things are moving too fast and he’s not comfortable with that he may stop calling just to see how you’ll react. If you hunt him down like he’s prey and you call him repeatedly in an effort to be in touch with him that will be enough to turn him off for good.

If he stopped calling, take a step back for a moment and survey the situation. Think about what occurred right before he dropped out of sight. If things were going along wonderfully and you felt close to him, he likely is just testing you to see if you’ll react strongly to his absence. If this is indeed the case, the best thing for you to do is not to call. By being silent you’re showing him that you can live with or without him and that’s a direct hit to a man’s ego. He actually wants to feel that you’re lost without him in your life and if he senses that’s not the case he’ll see you as a challenge and his interest will be at an all time high.

If things weren’t going well before he dropped off the face of your earth, he may just need a cooling down period. Give it a few days and if he still hasn’t called, call him once just to say you hope he’s doing well and you’d like to talk. If you get his voicemail or he sounds uninterested on the phone, leave things be. Sometimes a man just needs some time away from the woman he’s dating to decompress emotionally. Once he begins to see how much he misses her, he’ll call again and things will be right back on track again.

Confused about when you should be calling your man? Calling too often, at the wrong time or before he’s ready to hear from you can turn him off.

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