Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me? Signs Your Man Adores You

You’re in the relationship of your dreams but you still have nagging doubts about your guy. Perhaps you sometimes label yourself silly because you can’t understand why you wonder about his feelings. The fact of the matter is that we all question our guy’s devotion from time to time. Most men just aren’t that forthcoming with what they feel so we have to assume. That’s never a good thing to be doing. If you’re asking the question, “does my boyfriend really love me,” there are signs you need to be aware of. Once you know what to look for in his behavior you can then start relaxing in the knowledge that he really does love and adore you.

When a woman is asking the question, “does my boyfriend really love me,” she needs to pay very close attention to how often he wants to talk with her. The phone can yield many clues about how a man feels about you. If he calls you several times throughout the day to talk that’s an incredibly good sign. It’s much less promising if he rarely calls and avoids your calls when you ring him up. A man in love wants nothing more than to talk with the woman he adores. Stop calling him for a day or two and then just sit back and relax. If he calls often, take it as a good sign that the man only has feelings for you.

Another insightful clue into whether or not a man loves you can be found in his body language. Although most men aren’t all that comfortable with public displays of affection, they do want to be close to the woman who owns their heart. If your guy likes to hold hands with you or wants to give you a shoulder rub when you two are at home watching television, that’s a great sign of where his heart is. Touching you is important to him and it’s a clear indicator that he feels close and connected to you.

You can also gauge just how emotionally invested a man is in his relationship with you if he talks a lot about the future. This is actually much more meaningful than most women realize. A man who is planning on a future with you is focused on being with you for a long time. That’s an obvious sign of how committed he is emotionally to you. If he changes the subject each time you bring up what lies ahead for the relationship, he probably hasn’t fallen for you yet. If he had he certainly wouldn’t be holding back.

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