Your Boyfriend Wants to Be Single! How to Get Him Devoted to You Again

It obviously takes two to make a relationship really work. Both you and your boyfriend need to be fully invested in keeping things alive and growing between you two. When one of you starts to give up, the relationship isn’t going to last. It’s impossible to hold onto someone who doesn’t want you anymore. That’s why when your boyfriend wants to be single you panic. You start to imagine a life without him and you resort to doing things to keep him that make you seem desperate. This isn’t the way to hold onto a man who is pulling away from you. If you want to get him devoted to you again you need to show him that you are absolutely and without question the only woman in the world for him.

If your boyfriend wants to be single you need to accept that, for now. It’s obviously a clear sign that something within the relationship just isn’t working for him anymore. He feels the need to separate from you so it’s up to you to give him that. Of course it’s hard to let go of the man you love but you must see it as a temporary situation. If you try and fight him tooth and nail on his decision to leave, you’ll risk losing him forever.

The best approach to take is to agree with him that being apart is the best thing for both of you. It’s very likely that he won’t be expecting this reaction from you at all. If your boyfriend wants to be single and he knows that you love him, he’ll anticipate you falling into a deep depression and resorting to pathetic tactics to get him back. If you show him that you’re okay with things and you even seem happy about the idea of being apart for now, it will cut straight through his ego.

Distance has a way of changing a person’s perspective and feelings. Right now your boyfriend believes that the grass is greener on the single side of life. However, once he has some time away from you he’s going to start missing you. If you’re not working hard to regain his attention, he’s also going to start to feel you slipping away for good. That’s the feeling that you want to create in him as it will eat away at him until he does have you back.

Using rejection as a tool to get your boyfriend to want to be with you again may seem a bit underhanded but all is fair in love and break ups. By walking away from him when he rejects you, you’ll be demonstrating how self confident and emotionally strong you are. Those are two qualities that no man can resist and once your boyfriend sees them in you, he’ll be tripping over his own feet trying to win you back forever.

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