Why You Should Never Run After Your Ex Boyfriend If You Want Him Back

You want to run after your ex boyfriend, don’t you? Who could possibly blame you? The man is the love of your life and since the break up you’ve been miserable and lost. You can’t function this way and unless you get him back you fear that you’ll never feel whole and complete again. Love is such a wonderful and difficult thing, isn’t it? Winning back the love and affection of your man is indeed possible. You just need to understand clearly what works and doesn’t work. To begin with, running after him is the very worst thing you can possibly do.

The main reason why you should never run after your ex boyfriend is simple. It won’t accomplish anything at all. In your romantic, female mind the thought of your lover running after you trying to regain your heart is just breathtaking. In the mind of a man it translates into something much different. He sees it as you having no self control and being immature when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s also a turn off for a man in a different way.

Men aren’t flattered in the same way we are when an attractive person pursues us. We love it when a man can’t seem to get enough of us and he calls repeatedly or shows up at our door bearing roses. Men are actually turned off by behavior like this. That’s because men want to be the ones doing the chasing. They want to feel as though they’re the hunter and we’re their prey. If you throw yourself at the feet of your ex boyfriend, you’re diminishing your own value in his eyes. He’ll view you as pathetic and he’ll sense that you’re so desperate to have him back that you’d do just about anything.

It’s hard to not give in to the temptation of wanting to chase after him though. Patience isn’t a friend when you are missing a man and you long to be with him again. However, you must avoid all desire to call him or try to get him interested in you. It’s really best to view this on a day-by-day basis. If you try and promise yourself that you won’t run after him for a few weeks, that’s going to feel too overwhelming. Instead do something today that will keep your mind off him. When you wake up tomorrow, make plans to avoid him again. If you tackle this on a daily basis you’ll find that you’ll be that much more successful.

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