Why is My Ex Boyfriend Ignoring Me? Understanding Why This Happens

Obviously when a couple goes through a break up the dynamic between them changes. They don’t spend time together the way they used to and they aren’t as invested in what’s going on in the other’s life.  Each break up is uniquely different and in some cases, one partner just cuts off all contact completely. This may be happening to you now and it’s left you asking the question, “why is my boyfriend ignoring me?” Understanding why this happens is the first step towards moving past it. If you still feel an attachment to your ex and you wish there was a chance for a future for you two as a couple, it’s important to gain some insight into why he’s acting the way he is.

The question, “why is my ex boyfriend ignoring me,” is always said with a great deal of frustration. When a woman longs to be back with her ex and he can’t even acknowledge her emails or phone calls, it’s exasperating. The more he ignores you, the angrier you’ll become. You’ll increasingly feel devalued by him and you’ll start to consider doing radical things to try and get his attention again. It’s impossible not to let your emotions get the best of you when the man you adore shuts you out of his life after your break up.

Understanding is the first step towards regaining the lost connection. You need to understand why he’s ignoring you before you can effectively learn how to deal with it. Begin this process by recognizing that you shouldn’t be taking his silence personally. It’s not necessarily a measure of how little he cares for you. In fact, he may very well be ignoring you because he cares a great deal for you and his feelings are all over the place. It’s important to not jump to any conclusions when this is occurring. Instead, take a step back and look at the situation from a more mature standpoint.

Most men don’t deal well with break ups. This is true regardless if he was the one who wanted the break up or not. They often need time to work through their emotions in the days and weeks following the end of the relationship. If a woman recognizes this, she can then more fully comprehend why her ex boyfriend is ignoring her. He’s not doing it for any reason other than to focus more fully on his own feelings and what he wants in the future.

The very best thing any woman can do if she realizes that her boyfriend is indeed ignoring her is to stop trying to contact him. If you continually hunt him down through repeated text messages or you leave long, emotional voice mails, you will be crowding him emotionally. Give him some time and all the space he needs. Once he has the opportunity to think about his life without you, he’ll start to see just how lonely it is. At that point you can expect to hear from him and his newfound habit of ignoring you will be a thing of the past.

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