Why Are Men Afraid of Commitment? Helpful Advice for Women

There’s one question that many single women ask and it’s perhaps one that you’re searching for an answer to right now. Why are men afraid of commitment? It’s a loaded question and it’s often asked with a great deal of conflicting emotion attached to it. You love your guy but you feel so disappointed and frustrated by the fact that he won’t commit to you. It’s almost impossible not to take that personally given the fact that other men seem to jump at the chance to commit to the women they love. One effective way to deal with this situation in your relationship is to gain a greater understanding of why some men just won’t commit. Once you have that you can then forge ahead with helping him overcome his resistance so he’s ready, willing and able to make a stronger commitment to you.

The question of why are men afraid of commitment certainly isn’t a new one. Men have been shying away from the idea of taking their relationship to the next level for centuries. Although each man who feels a resistance to commitment is unique, there are common threads that run through their reasoning. Many men don’t want to take the step because they feel it will fundamentally change who they are as a person. Most notably they worry that if they commit they’ll lose their sense of self and their own identity. They envision that they’ll become an extension of their partner and the life they had will cease to exist. Often, what brings on this viewpoint is talking to friends who are unhappily committed to a woman.

Another reason why some men are afraid of commitment is they are deeply concerned about the reality of their finances. In an uneven economy the idea of moving in with a partner or marrying someone can take on an entirely new meaning. Many men carry the view that they should be the ones providing the bulk of the household financial burden. If a man is unsure about the current state of his career or if he doesn’t have the necessary savings to feel comfortable supporting his partner, he won’t even want to consider getting more serious than casual dating. Women who are involved with men like this must recognize how important it is to assure their guy that they plan on contributing to the family finances as an equal partner.

Sadly, another reason why some men shy away from the idea of taking the relationship to the next level is they just aren’t confident in the connection. You may feel deeply in love with your man but if he doesn’t share those same sentiments, he won’t pursue a more serious relationship with you. It’s difficult to realize this but it’s helpful in that it defines the differences in your feelings and allows you the opportunity to work on showing him why you are indeed the perfect life partner for him.

You don’t have to wait for him to decide whether or not he’s ready to commit to you. If you are tired of putting your dreams on hold because he’s commitment phobic, there are things you can do to make him want to marry you now.

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