Small Acts to Impress Your Husband and Enhance Your Marriage

Your marriage has gotten a little stale. It’s not easy to admit that but it’s not really something you can ignore. The spark that was once there between you and your husband has now become a slow, burning ember. You miss the days when you two couldn’t wait to see one another and you could feel the deep and unwavering love. It’s just not the same anymore. Your husband is distant and sometimes seems more interested in watching a ball game than spending time with you. Leaving this issue unattended isn’t going to solve a thing. You need to take some action so you can enhance your marriage. One easy way to do that is to do small things that will impress your husband and make him want you all over again.

One of the things that you can do right now to impress your husband is to plan an evening out for the two of you. It’s important that you take into consideration what he likes and don’t plan the itinerary completely around your own interests. Your husband would absolutely love if he came home to the news that you had bought two tickets to his favorite sporting team’s next home game. He would be touched that you wanted to spend an evening of sports watching with him. Another great idea that is along the same lines is to plan a dinner at his favorite place to eat. It doesn’t have to be a five star dining experience. Maybe he loves indulging by having a pizza or a fast food hamburger every now and again. Make the experience completely and totally about him and he’ll feel cherished.

You can also enhance your marriage by being more understanding of your husband’s needs. If he enjoys spending time with his friends, don’t try and take that away from him. If he has a hobby that you’re not all that supportive of, try and change your attitude. If a husband feels that his wife can anticipate and fulfill his needs, he’ll feel closer to her than he ever has before. Obviously this does require some degree of sacrifice on your part but if it means a happier husband and in turn a more connected marriage, it’s well worth it.

Thanking your husband for everything he brings to your life is another way to impress him and enhance the bond between you two. For most men their ego is interwoven with how they view themselves as husbands and fathers. If you make your husband feel that he’s doing an amazing job in those roles, he’ll find his strength in you. You can easily accomplish this by just genuinely thanking him for everything he does for you and your family. Don’t make the mistake of thanking him for every small thing because then he’ll start to see your actions as disingenuous. Just sincerely tell him how deeply grateful you are to be his wife and to be his partner in life. He’ll love hearing it and it will make him feel as though there’s nothing he can’t accomplish including building a stronger and more satisfying marriage with you.

Specific things you do and say can compel your husband to appreciate and love you more. Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause him to feel even more distant from you.

You can make your husband fall even deeper in love with you than when you two first married.

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