Signs You’re Smothering Your Boyfriend! Ways to Tell if You’re Coming On Too Strong

Your boyfriend has pulled back. Perhaps it was a subtle thing or maybe he’s made it really obvious by refusing to take your calls. Regardless, the relationship that you love and cherish just isn’t the same anymore. You think you have an idea why this all happened but it’s hard to admit because it means acknowledging your own flaws. Your boyfriend has hinted at times that he finds you a bit overbearing and overwhelming. You’ve never been able to quite understand what he means though. It’s very hard to see ourselves the way other people do, especially the people we love. If you do feel that you may have been coming on too strong, there are signs you’re smothering your boyfriend you need to be aware of. If you recognize these in your relationship with your man, it’s time to make some major changes before things become even more strained.

One of the signs you’re smothering your boyfriend is he’s stopped wanting to spend any substantial amount of time with you. In a relationship in which the man starts to feel that his woman isn’t giving him a lot of breathing room he’ll feel the need to pull back both physically and emotionally from her. This will manifest itself in him coming up with a lot of excuses for why he can’t go to dinner or why your planned movie night just won’t work out for him. He’ll constantly feel on guard when he’s in your presence so in an effort to relax, he’s going to avoid you. Just consider how much your guy truly wants to be with you right now. If he’s not putting in a whole lot of effort, that should tell you something about how he views you.

Another of the signs you’re coming on too strong in your relationship is he’ll stop sharing anything with you. If he used to tell you everything that went on his life and now you rarely hear a whisper about his job or the time he spends with friends, you’re right to be concerned. When a woman is overly aggressive in her adoration and affection for her boyfriend it sometimes mistakenly comes across as jealousy or envy. A good example is if he tells you about a female co-worker and you get upset with him and assume something more than work is going on. He’ll feel cornered and trapped in certain ways by circumstance. This will cause him to start hiding details about his life in an effort to keep the peace with you. If you’re learning less and less about his life, you can be assured he’s doing that on purpose because he feels things aren’t perfect between the two of you.

Does he share his feelings less with you now as well? If a man is feeling smothered by the woman he’s with he may actually start to fall out of love with her. He won’t share what’s in his heart out of fear of causing emotional turmoil before he’s ready to end the relationship. If you’re constantly telling him that you love and adore him and all you’re getting back is a head nod, a smile or a “me too,” you’ve got some relationship rebuilding to get to.

When a woman comes on too strong in her relationship it can damage it forever. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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