My Boyfriend Says I’m Boring! How to Change His Mind About You

My boyfriend says I’m boring!” Ouch. That had to have stung. You’re embarrassed, aren’t you? Being with a man who finds you boring obviously isn’t the position you want to be in. You hate that he views you that way and now you’re worried about each and every thing you do. Although you probably wouldn’t consider yourself boring, it’s not what you think that matters at this point, is it? The damage was done when he shared what he felt with you. You must change his perception of you now. If you don’t, the fact that he finds you boring is going to lead to him wandering off in another direction straight for a woman he finds exciting and unpredictable.

If your boyfriend says you’re boring don’t ignore it or try to get him to take it back. He said it for a reason and it likely wasn’t his intention to hurt your feelings. He was sharing what he thought about you. The fact of the matter is that men find women boring for a whole host of reasons. Typically it’s centered on the fact that the couple has settled into a predictable routine. If he knows that on Tuesday evening you two will head to the movies and that on Fridays you’re going to cook him dinner that gets boring very quickly. He doesn’t want to know what’s around the corner. Once a man can positively predict every one of his girlfriend’s next moves, he’s going to stop finding her alluring or interesting.

So how can you break out of the boring label you’re now wearing? It’s so simple. What you need to do is spice up your relationship by becoming spontaneous. If he’s expecting you to go right, you’re going to head straight left. If he thinks he knows the next words that will leave your lips, you’re going to say something that will leave him speechless. You, my dear, are going to become the woman he just can’t get a handle on. If you do that, boring will be the very last word he’ll use to describe you from this day forward.

Start by mixing up your plans for this evening. Whatever you typically do on this evening of the week, you’re not going to do. Instead, think of something outside the box. If it’s winter, plan an ice skating date or maybe skiing. If it’s the dead heat of summer, pack a picnic and your bikini and head for the beach with your man in tow. Repeat your new adventures tomorrow and the day after that. Your goal is to ensure that he never quite knows what to expect on each date. He’ll likely even show up early some days just because he can’t contain his excitement and curiosity.

What you say is going to be as important as what you do. Men love a woman who speaks her mind and speaks of her desires. If you haven’t been very vocal with your boyfriend about how much you desperately desire him, tell him. Share it with him by whispering sweet naughty things in his ear. Say the things he’d never expect you to say and he’ll fall over himself with wanton desire for you.

Mixing things up a bit is the surest way to break out of your boring persona. Show your boyfriend that there’s much more to you than meets the eye and he’ll crave to be with you more and more.

You don’t have to live in a relationship in which you continually question how much he really loves you. You have the power to have the love you want with your man.

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