My Boyfriend Says I Complain Too Much! How to Change This Now

Whenever the man you’re dating says something critical to you it’s bound to sting. It’s hard to know that he doesn’t find you completely perfect even though those expectations are unrealistic. Not all criticisms hurt the same though. It’s especially painful if you find yourself saying, “my boyfriend says I complain too much.” Knowing that the man you adore thinks you complain endlessly is bound to make you feel self conscious and embarrassed.  It’s also going to leave you wondering whether his complaint is a sign of things to come. It may very well be. He shared his thoughts with you for a reason and unless you address the issue, it could become a breaking point in your relationship.

If your boyfriend says you complain too much you have to be realistic. As hard as it is to accept our own shortcomings this is a case when you need to really look at what he said to see if it’s indeed based in fact. Perhaps he’s misinterpreting your wanting to share your opinion as complaint. Or maybe he just feels that each time you say anything even remotely negative about something that it’s your way of complaining. He wouldn’t have mentioned it to you if he didn’t feel it was true. That’s why it’s important that you look at the situation objectively so you can identify the behavior that he views as complaining and then change it.

Once you think you know what it is that caused him to share his complaint, get to work changing it. It’s very easy to become disenchanted with others and to point out their faults, but it also puts you in a negative light. You come across as someone who is never satisfied and in time your boyfriend will start to wonder if there’s any way he can live up to your expectations. After all, if you’re complaining about others he imagines that you must be complaining about him too.

Change your attitude by focusing on the more positive things in your life. In each situation that you’re in with your boyfriend present try and find something positive that you can say. If you feel negative thoughts creeping in, stop yourself and think about how you look to the man you love.

Men don’t want to share their time or their lives with women who complain endlessly. Since your boyfriend has pointed out that he feels you complain too much, now is your chance to change your future with him. Show him that you can be a better and more positive person and he’ll not only be proud of you but he’ll love you more as well.

When a woman complains too much in her relationship it can damage it forever. If you’ve done anything that has caused your man to pull back, there is a way for you to get his interest back now.

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