How Can I Make My Ex Boyfriend Regret the Break Up? Advice You Need!

Can you believe you were dumped? Most of us can’t when it happens to us. It’s often an earth shattering event because it’s so unexpected. Losing the man you love makes you question your future and your happiness as a woman. You’re probably experiencing a whole host of emotions right now including anger, frustration, confusion and even a touch of desperation. You’ve been asking all your friends one question and that’s “how can I make my ex boyfriend regret the break up.” You need to find a way to make him wish he had never broken your heart and also make him crave to be with you again. It’s more than possible to make that happen if you understand the right approach you should be taking with him.

One answer to the question of “how can I make my ex boyfriend regret the break up” is reject him. This seems ludicrous to most women in your situation since they were the one who was dumped. However, just because your boyfriend decided he doesn’t want you anymore that in no way means you can’t also reject him. Ego is an amazing thing and it drives men to do all sorts of things. If your ex believes that you’re over him and on your way to moving on, his ego will get the better of him.

Begin by ceasing all contact with the man. Up to now you’ve probably been quite aggressive with trying to get him to want you back. Calling him continuously throughout the day, accidentally running into him at his favorite places and trying to spend more time with his friends are all transparent acts of desperation. He sees you focusing so heavily on getting him back that it’s nothing but a turn off for him. Men don’t want to be chased by women whether the woman is someone new they just met or an ex girlfriend.

Focus more on your own life beginning today. Delete your ex boyfriend’s contact information from your cell phone and computer. Make plans with friends more often and take up a new hobby that you’ve wanted to indulge in. Make each and every day about you. The less time you spend chasing down your ex, the better your chances will be of making him regret the break up.

Once your ex realizes that you’re nowhere to be seen, his curiosity will be peaked. He’ll sense that you’re over him and that will definitely sting. He’ll feel the same sense of rejection that you have and it will make him crave contact with you again. Men don’t like feeling as though they’re no longer needed. Make your ex feel that and he’ll certainly start to regret ever breaking up with you.

Confused about how to win him back? Saying or doing one wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love.

Learn the step-by-step guaranteed plan to get him back now. You’ve only got one chance to win him back so make it count.

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